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Advanced System for Process Engineering (ASPEN).

AspenONE Overview

AspenONE® is AspenTech’s comprehensive set of software solutions and services. aspenONE products enable process industry companies to optimize their engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations. As a result, AspenTech customers are better able to increase capacity, improve margins, reduce costs, become more energy efficient, and achieve operational excellence goals. aspenONE solutions include the industry’s leading:

  • Simulation and design products in the aspenONE Engineering suite
  • Plant operations products in the aspenONE Manufacturing suite
  • Supply chain management products in the aspenONE Supply Chain suite.

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence with Aspen InfoPlus.21

The industry’s best process historian makes it easy to collect, merge, store and retrieve data from multiple sources to create a complete picture of production operations.

Aspen InfoPlus.21 (IP.21) is a core element of AspenTech’s aspenONE Production Management and Execution applications. It gathers and stores large amounts of process data for analysis and reporting, providing the nucleus of a plant and enterprise-level manufacturing integration platform. By using IP.21, businesses can access embedded process knowledge enabling them to create actions which fulfil objectives and meet company targets.

This impressive process data repository gathers information across process control, manufacturing operations and business systems. Its built-in modularity and scalability enables it to support advanced control and optimization, process modelling, batch analysis, quality assurance and scheduling applications in a broad variety of industries.

InfoPlus.21 Product Family

The InfoPlus.21 product family is included on the Aspen Manufacturing and Supply Chain. The InfoPlus.21 product family includes:

  • Aspen InfoPlus.21
  • Aspen Calc
  • Aspen Cim-IO
  • Aspen Cim-IO Interfaces
  • Aspen Data Source Architecture (ADSA)
  • Aspen KPI Builder
  • Aspen IP.21 Process Browser
  • Aspen Process Data
  • Aspen Process Explorer
  • Aspen Real-Time SPC Server
  • Aspen SQLplus
  • aspenONE Process Explorer
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