AspenTech APC

AspenTech has been the leader in advanced process control software for nearly 20 years. Continuing with a tradition of relentless focus on innovation and functionality, AspenTech introduced its 3rd generation of APC software Aspen DMC3. Powerful innovations such as Adaptive Process Control, Smart Tune and Robust Control in Aspen DMC3 offer a comprehensive solution for building and maintaining controllers, providing the highest ROI of any other APC technology.

Applications on APC includes the following:

  • Advanced Process Control Aspen DMCplus®
  • Aspen DMC3 Builder™
  • Aspen Inferential Qualities™

APC projects based on AspenTech software include:

  • Requirement gathering
  • Create, build and develop APC applications
  • Customize, test, simulate and implement APC applications
  • Installation and Implementation: configure the overall infrastructure to fully support Aspen APC
  • Configuration and migration: debug installation and configuration errors
  • Support and updates
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Advanced Process Control Aspen DMCplus

This product allows to its user to:

  • Solve a broader range of control problems.
  • Flex the process knowledge.
  • Leverage unmatched commercial and technological scalability.
  • Incorporate process knowledge with Constrained Model ID
  • Edit transforms graphically.
  • Closed-loop capable Model Identification

Aspen DMC3

It combines Aspen DMCplus® technology with tools for building and maintaining controllers, all in one place. This product allows to its user to:

  • Eliminate controller tuning and configuration
  • State of the art Adaptive Process Control
  • Instantly make your controllers more robust with Aspen DMC3
  • Automatically identify poorly performing aspects of APC model
  • Remove bad data automatically with ‘best practice’ judgment
  • Edit transforms graphically
  • Powerful Subspace Identification

Aspen DMC3 Builder

An integrated platform with a modernized, ribbon-based interface used to build, deploy and maintain all AspenTech APC controllers. This product allows to its user to:

  • Use one platform for all AspenTech APC controllers
  • Design controllers with a plethora of features
  • Use one platform for all AspenTech APC controllers
  • Capture expert knowledge for easier and faster controller maintenance
  • Find dozens of APC resources within aspenONE® Exchange
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