Condition Based Monitor

EMI CBM – Condition Based Maintenance

Why wait until your assets crash for maintenance? Today’s technology allows for enterprise-wide asset management through a single computer screen and minimum customization. With EMI’s condition based module of CIS, it is possible to load all your enterprise assets into CIS with a single click and then create monitoring rules based on the assets templates that are preloaded into CIS.


The ultimate goals of CBM and Predictive Maintenance are:

  • Reduction of Maintenance costs
  • Increase duration of maintenance cycles
  • Make sure that assets are functional
  • Significantly reduce down-time
  • Make better decisions on capital expenditures via truly assessing you asset health.

Steps to Follow

Based on EMI’s expertise and In order to achieve the goals above the following steps are critical:

  • Identification of a maintenance strategy for every type of asset via creating a condition matrix as per below

Note: The below table is only indicative, the actual data is proprietary to EMI and is shared upon NDA/project.

  • Integration of relevant systems and data sources to EMI CIS: SAP, Maximo, Oracle, Credo, Etc…
  • Creation of notification rules: It is possible to integrate employee schedules into notification rules so that the proper personnel is notified.
  • Adjustment of rules as per actual testing

CBM Capabilities

Of the maintenance techniques listed above, EMI CBM provides the below:

  • Constant monitoring of asset performance via:
    • Real-time KPI updates and alarms (efficiency, OEE, availability)
    • Specific equipment KPI i.e. (for compressor, polytrophic efficiency, k factor, m factor, head, vibration)
    • Real-time notifications.
  • Predictive monitoring:
    • Early warning systems that generate alerts as far as two months before the actual disaster.
    • Advanced pattern recognition.
  • Enterprise wide asset inclusion and synchronization with master databases:
    • In order to minimize the human overhead, EMI tools automatically synchronize asset DB from maintenance systems to EMI CIS. *on supported systems
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