About Omicron Development LLC

Omicron Development LLC is a privately-held company, headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ.  It is part of the Pimsoft group of companies and a registered System Integrator of OSIsoft. The activities of the company span all the aspects of implementing, maintaining, integrating and using the OSIsoft PI System.

We concentrate our efforts on best practices for the OSIsoft PI System and using best of breed layered solutions from our technology partners to address the needs of customers for turnkey solutions. We use custom development solely to close the gaps between commercial off the shelf solutions and the requirements of customers.

Our senior staff have more than 25 years of experience working with the OSIsoft PI System, across multiple industries. We continue to maintain and expand our OSIsoft Pi and Microsoft .NET consulting and custom application development capabilities.

If your goal is to leverage the streaming data and events of your OSIsoft PI System to create incremental value and drive continuous improvement in your organization, then Omicron is your partner of choice.


Automating PI Tag Data Validation for the OSIsoft PI System

Does catching bad data before they are impacting operations and business negatively matters to you?
Find out how EMI’s Tag Data Validator addresses this challenge

Data defects are omnipresent in the sensor-based process industries. Detecting and addressing data defects as they occur is essential to achieving the level of data quality needed to sustain ad improve operations and secure the desired business outcome. This task is beyond the capability of human vigilance and requires continuous attention due the real-time nature of streaming data and events.

The weapon of choice for this combat is software that can monitor, identify, alert and address data quality issues. EMI’s Tag Data Validator (TDV) is specifically designed to carry out this task for the OSIsoft PI System.

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