Omnisens Securing Pipeline Integrity

> Detect leaks
> Detect geohazard effects 
> Detect intrusion 
> Prevent pipeline damage through earliest detection of threats


Omnisens Lynx transforms a fiber optic cable into a continuous, real time monitoring system at minimal extra cost. This technique helps operators detect the earliest stages of threats to the pipeline, giving them time and information to enable an efficient response.An external fiber optic cable, often included during pipeline installation for communications, is used to detect leaks, ground movement and third party intrusion, helping avoid pipeline damage.


Using Omnisens Lynx helps detect leaks, ground movement and intrusion at their earliest stages

Omnisens Lynx fiber optic distributed sensing system provides: enabling the operator to:
Earliest warning of an small adverse event Respond sooner, with more time to plan and act appropriately, or prior to event escalation.
Location of these incipient events Organize the response according the location of the event
Evolution of the event Monitor closely leak, erosion (temperature) and ground movement (strain) development, checking that action taken is effective or whether further mitigation is required.
Continuous, real time monitoring Be alerted to changes and events as they happen, rather than wait for the next visual inspection, fly over or other notification.
Entire pipeline length or span monitoring See events/changes anywhere along the monitored pipeline

Omnisens proprietary monitoring software ensures that detected events are analyzed so that alerts are communicated and false alarms minimized. Omnisens Lynx system is modular, built around the requirements and risks of each pipeline project.

Each Lynx system offers a range of high performance interrogators:

  • Leak detection:

Raman and Brillouin Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) detect temperature changes from which leaks can be inferred. Ground water movement and erosion can also be thus detected. 

  • Geohazard effect and ground movement detection:

Brillouin Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS) is sensitive to movements of soil along the pipeline way which may, for example, result from a landslide, rock fall or seismic event. The strain induced on the optical fiber sensor installed on the pipeline right of way provides the earliest detection and location of the event. 

  • Intrusion detection:

a dedicated system based on fiber optic distributed Vibration/Acoustic Sensing (DVS/DAS) detects intrusion.
Omnisens is uniquely placed to supply a Lynx pipeline integrity monitoring system to suit each pipeline’s or pipeline integrity management system’s requirement.

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