Omnisens Securing Power Cable Integrity

> Cable condition monitoring
> Cable performance optimization

Power engineers are challenged to provide uninterrupted electricity supply at minimal financial and environmental cost, while fulfilling regulatory requirements, being Smart Grid compliant and cyber secure. How can Omnisens Cobra help in this challenge?


In both underground and subsea cables incipient faults often result in temperature events. Using optical fibers integrated into the power cable or laid close by, Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) helps detect changes and faults allowing the operator to intervene before the cable fails. It is suitable for deployment in any cable where an optical fiber is present, including HVDC, HVAC, export, inter-array, transmission and distribution.


Power cable performance and design can be optimized using the Dynamic Cable Rating (DCR) module. (Note: DCR is also known as RTTR and DRS). 


Monitor condition and performance from the shortest to the longest cable

Omnisens Lynx fiber optic distributed sensing system provides: Enabling the operator to:
Continuous real time monitoring with early detection and location of temperature and/or strain events. Monitor even the longest cables all along their length. For subsea cables this means along the entire cable, not just the shore ends. And if it just shore ends, then Omnisens systems enable a longer distance from the shore end. That means more of the cable is monitored against failure.
Detect and locate temperature (or strain) events anywhere along the cable, for investigation.
High performance DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing). Detect, locate and track small events.
Obtain rapid, reliable extrapolations for load management decisions when Dynamic Cable Rating system (DCR) is used.
Dynamic Cable Rating system (DCR/DRS/RTTR) Make timely, informed decisions about their cables and maximize the financial performance of these high fixed-cost items.
Modular system Benefit from cost effective monitoring for every project, with optional Geographical Information System interface and Dynamic Cable Rating.

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