Omnisens Structural Health and Geotech Monitoring

> Structural Health Monitoring
> Roads & Railways 
> Geotechnical & Landslide 
> Water Containment

In both the built environment and the natural one, things move, change shape, crack, leak and suffer the ravages of time and weather. The process often starts before any signs are visible.
Omnisens fiber optic distributed sensing systems, when used with an appropriate fiber optic sensing cable, provide accurate and complete information about actual infrastructure changes in real-time.
They do this by monitoring strain and/or temperature evolution over time.
To monitor strain on a structure the optical fiber sensors must be coupled to the structure. Since each structure has a unique set of challenges for the application of the optical fiber sensor, Omnisens provides the interrogator but not the sensor.
In most other applications, Omnisens can advise and/or supply a suitable sensing cable.

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