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7-day programmable thermostat with remote monitoring and control from any location!


A thermostat that is entirely monitored and controlled with a smartphone or any web browser! The X-300™ Advanced Web-Enabled Temperature Monitoring & Thermostat is a modern, full-featured thermostat. Connect up to three temperature/humidity sensors to the X-300 in thermostat mode.

Directly wire the X-300 to your HVAC unit and use it’s web-based user interface to program, control, and monitor a single-stage thermostat. Monitor and control of the X-300 Web Thermostat without any cloud services! There are no service or reoccurring fees.


  • Full-featured thermostat
  • Scheduling
  • Built-in web server
  • Email/text notifications
  • 1-3 temp/humidity sensors
  • Wide temperature range for unique applications
  • And much more…

Internet Thermostat using ControlByWeb's X-300 Advanced Temperature Module and Web Thermostat

X-300 wired to the HVAC unit and connected to a local network or to the Internet.

*The above illustration is for demonstration purposes only, it does not represent actual wiring.

Web-Enabled Thermostat

In the above example, an HVAC unit located in an office building is wired directly to the X-300. The X-300 monitors and controls the indoor temperature. It also monitors and displays the outdoor temperature. During the winter months, the X-300 is programmed to maintain a lower temperature in the office building after hours, and to maintain a higher temperature right before business hours and throughout the day.

Energy Efficiency

On the weekends and holidays when the office is unoccupied, the X-300 is programmed to maintain the office at a lower temperature, allowing the company to save money on heating costs.

No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

The X-300 is ideal for managing both heating and air conditioning remotely. With the X-300’s built-in web server, you can access the thermostat controls on a mobile phone or by using a web browser. There are no monthly fees, and no software to install!

You can also use our free, CBW-Mobile app to access, control, and monitor ControlByWeb devices on one central control panel.

BEST PRODUCTS for Web-Enabled Thermostat

X-300 Advanced Temperature Module

X-300 | Advanced Web-Enabled Temperature Monitoring & Thermostat

Remotely control and monitor a single-stage HVAC system using the X-300. Add up to three temperature/humidity sensors to monitor indoor/outdoor temperatures.

1-3 Temperature/Humidity Sensors
(Thermostat Mode)

Examples: Measure indoor, outdoor temperatures, and also one additional temperature sensor

3 Relays

Examples: Pre-configured to control the HVAC’s heating, cooling, and fan

Special Features

Graphical User Interface – Weekly Scheduling – Email and Text Alerts for high/low temperature alarms

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