Alarm and Notification Proprietary Solutions

Electronic Notification System


Anytime, Anywhere

E-Notification™ is an alerting, monitoring, and reporting service for OSIsoft PI® servers. E-Notification will stream live data from your systems, allowing users to respond proactively rather than reactively to. All your PI™ monitoring data can be combined to create an E-Report™ that can be delivered at scheduled times, or reviewed at your next office meeting. E-Notification also provides E-Reports of your process data from PI Processbook® and Excel® Datalink. Not only can E-Reports be sent to your desktop, but they can also be sent to your mobile devices.

Know Immediately

E-Larms™ alert users when PI data has reached above or below user-defined thresholds and can also be used to trigger the delivery of any predefined E-Reports, E-XLs™, or E-PBs™. Simply search for a tag, select the PI tags you want to create an alarm for, and then you can edit your E-Larm. If your system exceeds the normal operating bounds, a prompt E-Larm will be sent to vital personnel. Users can be notified for process deviations, interface problems, bad quality tags, and much more. E-Notification will prevent unnecessary alerts by handling noisy signals from your system by averaging and holding PI tag values.

Prompt Response

From a web based intranet site any number of users can sign up for event notifications which can include process deviations, interface problems, bad quality tags, etc. No technical background is needed to create a profile and monitor PI tags for notifications. Another great value of E-Notification is the option to View Locations. View Locations allows you to view the list of all the E-Notification services that collect PI data at each of your plants or facilities. E-Notification also provides administrators with the ability to copy subscriptions from one user to another without separately configuring each user account.

Stay Connected

Companies who have chosen E-Notification have discovered immediate benefits.

  • Collect PI data from facilities and plants.
  • Leveraged return from your PI investment.
  • Coordinated response to significant alarm events.
  • Requires no separate client licensing for end users.
  • Secure date made available to designated support groups or vendors.
  • Creates summaries of all process monitoring.
  • View concise relevant data.
  • Easy tag searching.
  • Live Process Data.
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