Data Diodes


Data Diode with integrated Turn Key Solution

The security and protection of confidential information and secrets is vital. To prevent data breaches, current acceptable practice is to store information on disconnected and isolated networks. Keeping your historian online is critical to plant operation. EMI supplies the Turnkey solution to ensure secure communication.

Communication technology

Communication technology facilitates the exchange of information between devices and networks. A common practice in network architecture is to add barriers between trusted networks and untrusted networks. Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) guidelines would recommend multiple barrier devices between a plant control network and untrusted networks like a corporate network or the Internet. Firewalls are an omnipresent barrier technology because of their versatility as they operate on software based rule sets.

Recent network attacks

Recent network attacks and virus threats have proven that only commonly used digital Firewalls do not provide adequate security. Data Diodes are devices that guarantee one way of network connection. You can be sure that confidential information remains confidential and that critical systems are secured and not tampered with. Data Diode is the only one-way solution worldwide that has seen overwhelming independent confirmation of its security claims. With one-way physical level, and it has best practice Data Replicators that support: AspenTech, OSIsoft , OPC , Honeywell , SQL Server , Siemens , and others. All replicators will allow organizations to transfer data via secured one-way communication without loss of vital operation data and worry to be open to network threats.

EMI Replicator

EMI Replicator is a redundant high available solution to replicator plant information data from process network to business network through a data diode. It features high event throughput rates, Data Backfilling, tag configuration replication, advanced logging any many more.

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