Matrikon OPC Tools

Matrikon OPC Tools

 Matrikon has over 250 products ranging from Data Management, Test Tools, Archiving, Connectivity, Severs to Security. They have been and are being deployed in the biggest companies and factories around the world that serve the Oil & Gas and Food & Drug industries and much more.

The most frequently used products in the MEA, Gulf and Africa region are the following:

  • MatrikonOPC UA Tunneller
  • MatrikonOPC Redundancy Broker
  • MatrikonOPC Funnel
  • MatrikonOPC Data Manager


1- MatrikonOPC UA Tunneller: Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller makes OPC data connectivity painless regardless of whether you need to connect between different enterprise levels or across the globe.

Features include:

  • Enables seamless OPC data transfer through multiple mediums across geographical locations
  • Addresses problems with using OPC Classic components based on DCOM
  • Eliminates permission issues encountered across domains and workgroups
  • Provides 64-bit support for both client-side and server-side connections
  • Employs an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Operates in the familiar Microsoft Windows environment
  • Requires minimal user knowledge of OPC UA
  • Eliminates rip-and-replace of OPC Classic assets

Reliable, secure connectivity is central to IIoT and Industrie 4.0, and is the function of the OPC UA protocol. Migration to this technology provides the best in open data transport today and in the years ahead.


2-MatrikonOPC Redundancy Broker: ORB constantly monitors the Primary OPC server. When a failure is detected, it automatically redirects communication to the Standby OPC server. No data is lost and there is no system downtime.

Features include:

  • Support for multiple, same server, redundant pairs
  • Support redundancy for DA, A&E, and HDA OPC Servers
  • Full OPC HDA support for selected HDA interfaces.
  • Status tags enable you to track which OPC Servers are down
  • Multiple levels of redundancy (Hot, Warm, and Cold)
  • Automatically switches between from primary to standby or vice versa when the criterion of failover is detected.
  • Allow “Force a Failover” to manually toggle between the primary to standby or vice versa
  • Powerful failover detection engine (trigger failover on item deviation, threshold, rate of change, and quality)
  • Full support for Matrikon OPC Tunneller
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit are natively supported.

OPC Redundancy Broker offers a seamless software solution that implements driver level redundancy supporting both OPC DA, HDA, and A&E.


3- MatrikonOPC Funnel: Use OPC Funnel to make all the OPC Client connections you need to any number of OPC Servers – regardless of what vendors your OPC Servers are from, what versions of the OPC Specification each implements, or how many connections each OPC Server supports. OPC Funnel maximizes the value of your OPC Servers by enabling all your OPC Clients to access all the data they need – simultaneously.

Features include:

  • Supports aliases: rename tags with useful descriptions to make it easier to configure clients
  • Perform simple calculations for a specific point
  • Single gateway to all your OPC data which reduces the connection cost to a historian
  • Address consolidation
  • Connect to non-compliant OPC servers and provide OPC Clients with OPC-compliant data
  • Offline Mode: developed to aid system-integration; this functionality simplifies OPC Server configuration by allowing OPC Clients to access data from all configured OPC items even when the underlying data-source is not available. For example: during plant commissioning; instead of delaying HMI graphic screen testing until the end of the project, when all the OPC Servers’ data-sources are available – such tests can now be run at any time using the Offline Mode random test data.

 MatrikonOPC Funnel provides a single gateway to all your process data. Now your applications only have to make one simple connection to access all of your plant data.


4-MatrikonOPC Data Manager: OPC Data Manager (ODM) is a software application that transfers data from one OPC server to another. Use ODM when you need to share, map, and bridge OPC data between two or more control systems (e.g. PLC and a DCS). With ODM this connectivity can be accomplished with standard, off-the-shelf software.

Features include:

  • Supports OPC Data Access 1.0a and 2.0
  • Supports OPC Alarms and Events 1.1 input
  • Supports OPC Historical Data Access 1.2 output
  • Supports both unidirectional and bidirectional data transfer
  • The statuses for Tags, Master OPC Servers, and Slave OPC Servers are displayed for easier troubleshooting
  • The GUI for Configuration Panel has been significantly improved to provide with the information they need to know
  • Now Features Redundancy
  • Supports writing Value, Quality and Timestamp to HDA Servers
  • No programming required
  • Server to server communication
  • Supports COM/DCOM
  • Can run as a Windows service
  • Allows user to control data transfer based on quality
  • Comes with its own server, MatrikonOPC Server for Data Manager

 MatrikonOPC’s Data Manager acts as a data bridge between OPC Servers and links them together.


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