Engineering & Marketing International

Data Management Solutions/ Enterprise Historians

Turn you island of data into actionable information to maximize your plant’s operational efficiency, reduce cost, and standardize across the industrial lifecycle—from engineering design, data integration to full performance optimization.

Asset information management AIM

A single source of truth platform, integration of all asset information from multiple sources in an easily searchable and scalable real-time format.

Digital Twin

Full connected multi-virtual digital representation of a physical object, or process, contextualized version of data environment covering; operation, engineering and asset performance to entire asset lifecycle.

PI vision

Visualization is the process of making data human intelligible, enabling human intuition and expert knowledge to be applied in a single platform

Operator Rounds

Achieve operational excellence in the palm of your hand with the industry-leading operator -driven reliability solution

Custom visualization

Need Help with Asset and data Visualization? EMI can help you create your own data visualization logic to draw results using representations that are not covered by the built-in library of standard charts and visualizations.

Extended Reality

AVEVA XR (Extended Reality) incorporates Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) into a single industrial software

Matrikon OPC

Revolutionize your industrial automation with Matrikon OPC's cutting-edge solutions for optimal efficiency

Temperature Monitoring and Control

Temperature sensors and controllers for the remote monitoring and/or control of temperature for indoor and outdoor environments, industrial machines, commercial refrigeration, and more.