Asset Information Management

Deliver projects on time and improve safety and operational performance with rapid, intuitive access to the digital twin.

Across all industries, the fabrication, maintenance, and operation of complex assets requires accurate information. It is common, however, to see asset models, maintenance information, manufacturers’ data, P&IDs, and other data stored in a variety of different formats in unconnected repositories, often with teams dispersed across various global locations. This approach results in data silos and a severe lack of transparency, efficiency, and trust within organizations, creating obstacles such as:


AVEVA Asset Information Management turns data from multiple information sources and systems into trusted actionable insights, identifying and cross referencing all the relationships between equipment, documents, drawings, and various data formats. This structure enables users across businesses to securely access, visualize, validate, and collaborate on the digital twin data.

It accelerates information discovery and links distributed teams to a common data asset via one unique application. The solution facilitates better decision-making based on data to optimize project schedules, operational performance, and safety while reducing risk.


Key Features 

  • Universal access to the digital twin

AVEVA Asset Information Management is an agnostic solution, capable of ingesting data in various formats from multiple systems. It provides a complete cross-reference index with links to and associations between all items in the digital twin.

  • Automatic information discovery

Our solution automatically extracts and maintains tag to-tag, tag-to-document, and document-to-document relationships to provide efficient navigation of the digital twin and aid information discovery.

  • Powerful search capabilities

Get fast, powerful search capabilities which, combined with its knowledge of tag and document associations, deliver information locations efficiently and effectively.

  •  High-quality visualization

AVEVA Asset Information Management delivers high-quality, web-based visualization of tag data, documents, drawings, 3D models, and laser scans. The automatic creation of hotspots and hyperlinks provide additional intelligence for the easy identification and navigation of tags.

  • Data quality assessment

Through its aggregation of project and asset data, AVEVA Asset Information Management can report on the quality, consistency, and completeness of data, improving compliance and enabling efficient handover operations.


Asset information management in the cloud

AVEVA Asset Information Management can be deployed on-premises or as a private cloud service provisioned by AVEVA through our AVEVA Connect cloud platform.

This system allows organizations to quickly and securely share critical information with employees and trusted partners so everyone can access and collaborate using the same data.

Cloud also offers commercial flexibility with various subscription approaches. The company’s IT burden is also reduced because AVEVA provides the necessary computing infrastructure, backup, updates, security, and performance.

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