AVEVA Data Hub

AVEVA Data Hub enables industrial organizations to aggregate operations data and relevant context; store historical, real-time and forecasted data streams and share data visualizations and insights with stakeholders both in and outside of the enterprise. A cloud-native platform-as-a-service, Data Hub is easily deployed from a web interface and scalable on-demand. Requiring no development or infrastructure, AVEVA Data Hub simplifies secure data sharing for greater operational insight and better, faster decision.

AVEVA Data Hub expands your ability to share real-time operations data with authorized users, applications and analysis tools in any location. Reduce the time, effort and resources it takes to collect, standardize and securely share critical operations data. Thanks to AVEVA Data Hub, real-time, contextualized operations data is more accessible than ever, giving users in and outside of the enterprise the information they need to drive meaningful change.Unlock 


Unlock new opportunities with AVEVA Data Hub

Advanced data analysis

Look deeper and get answers faster. Deliver pre-formatted data and related context directly to popular platforms like Microsoft Power BI. Feed predictive analytics applications to adopt condition-based maintenance.

Remote monitoring

Reduce the cost and effort of monitoring assets outside your control network. Collect a wide variety of IIoT and sensor data to enable local or remote performance monitoring.

Digital services partners

Leverage real time operations data as the foundation for valuable new services. Suppliers and service providers can now easily access their clients’ real time operations data to deliver customized connected services. 

Connected community

Make it safer, easier, and less expensive to share critical operations data. Help remote workers collaborate using any device, from any location.

Key Benefits

  • High performance platform designed for industrial data
  • Ready-to-use PaaS, no development or maintenance required
  • Unified, trusted source of data, fully integrated with AVEVA PI System
  • Data enriched with contextual information offers greater insight
  • Real-time data and trending available to remote data users
  • Critical operations security through proprietary software design and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure

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