Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Monitoring Services

We provide you with an integrated solution that fits directly with your existing reliability and operation process. Run to Failure mentality puts off issues until they are real problems. At this point it is too late to take steps to mitigate ancillary damage or take steps other than to shut down the machine. We help you:

  • Reduce unexpected outages
  • Leverage existing historian data,
  • Scalable – supporting multiple users and enterprise deployment
  • Models conform to your operational criteria,
  • Increase productivity and reduce cost.


Predict-IT application services starts with:

1. Team formation

  • EMI form a team of Engineer(s), Operation, maintenance and Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the selected equipment
  • Historian Engineer(s) or user.

2. Define potential critical equipment to monitor.

  • We provide Equipment Failure Life Cycle: Root cause analysis of past failures often reveal minor “indications” that went unnoticed or were below conventional alarming thresholds. This failure testing will define the equipment that needs to be monitored.

3. Model building and Testing.

  • Define selected assets failure codes based on manufacturing data.
  • Determine cause and time of failure and identify parameters.
  • Retrieve historical data and group variables based on their correlation analysis example:
  • Data pre-processing, outliers, mutual Information.
  • Analyze the collected data for possible correlations.

4. Model testing:

  • Test model for early warning indications
  • Test model against old identified failure data
  • Determine the accuracy of alarms and incidents respond

5. Implantation and deployment.

  • EMI provide full team of engineers in coordination with plant and client identified personnel to implement, test and final deployment of the software
  • EMI provide hands –on training and schedule classes for Predict-IT application

6. Onsite or Offsite 24/7 real time monitoring and Reporting

  • We provide consultancy services to build your own onsite Diagnostic and Monitoring Centre (DMC)
  • We provide 24/7 offsite real time monitoring in our DMC.
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