Asset Performance Management - APM

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To lead in a competitive landscape, companies must accelerate accurate decision-making to improve efficiency and boost performance. AVEVA’s Asset Performance Management solutions leverage digital twin, big data and analytics to transform data into context and prescriptive actions for optimum business outcomes. Our customers have doubled production output, reduced unplanned downtime up to 95%, saved $100s of millions in averted asset failures and fostered a safer more reliable environment for the workforce. AVEVA’s open solutions connect data and processes across engineering, information and operations for maximum return on asset across the entire lifecycle.

Balance Risk, Cost and Performance in Your Asset Strategy

Connect people, processes and technology to rapidly deploy a risk-based asset strategy tied to business objectives. AVEVA’s prebuilt asset libraries leverage over 20 years of industry-specific data to accelerate asset strategy deployment up to 90% resulting in CAPEX reductions up to 30%.

Accelerate Decision-making with Asset Information and Digital Twin

AVEVA’s Asset Information management & Digital Twins eliminate data silos to improve decision-making and accelerate collaboration across the enterprise. By bridging engineering, operations, and information technology, AVEVA’s pioneering solutions add context to data enabling you to visualize analytics-based insights and drive operational efficiency.

Reduce Downtime with Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Free your teams to spend less time analyzing data and more time increasing the speed and efficiency of your operations with AVEVA’s prescriptive analytics. Achieve millions in savings by predicting asset failures and prescribing remediation using advanced yet easy-to-use analytics that require zero programming.    

Improve Safety and Reliability in Maintenance

Prioritize, plan, schedule and execute safe and compliant work using AVEVA’s integrated APM solutions. Close the loop across asset and operations lifecycles to reduce maintenance costs up to 30%. Digitize work processes with extended reality and mobility to improve workforce effectiveness by up to 25%.

 Enterprise APM offers the broadest and most comprehensive platform with proven technology and industry expertise to optimize asset performance 

  • Focus on achieving your company objectives through application of risk management principles
  • Increasing confidence, from Shop Floor up to Board Level
  • Increase reliability and reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Improve asset utilization (OEE) and extend equipment life
  • Reduce operations, maintenance and inspection costs

Why we are using APM Assessments

  • Not just insights
  • We deliver pragmatic action plans, tangible for every layer within the organization
  • Plant assessment from an asset management perspective, taking into account the entire business context
  • End-to end approach along all core APM processes applying 20 years industry experience
    • Best practice process library
    • Proven software solutions
    • >1000 years of consultancy experience

The APM Assessment looks at key factors: 

  • Business Economics for APM
  • Company objectives -> asset performance
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Context of the organization
  • Assets and asset conditions
  • Supply chain dynamics
  • Budgets & spends

The 3 Main Dimensions of APM

  1. Business context
    The overall set of fundamental business conditions that determine the absolute value direction and potential that can be gained through Asset Performance Management
  2. Maintenance and operations maturity 
    The overall maturity profile, being the sum of People, Processes, Systems, Data and Culture that determine the overall capability, organizational agility and improvement potential
  3. Asset condition
    The condition of the entire Asset Portfolio that eventually determines the absolute Performance Level that can be achieved throughout the APM capability and the financial budgets that will be required to utilize the improvement potential

APM organizations assessed on 14 points

  1. Asset Master Data Management 
  2. Asset performance objectives 
  3. APM Strategies 
  4. Planning & Preparation 
  5. Workflow Management 
  6. Inventory & Procurement
  7. Monitoring & KPI's 
  8. Cost Management & Value Realization 
  9. Structural Failure Analysis 
  10. APM Organization 
  11. Skill & Knowledge Management 
  12. Sourcing Strategy 
  13. IT and OT systems 
  14. Continuous Improvement & Audit