Warehouse Temperature Monitoring System

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Processing and storage at the industrial scale has a high impact on our society, from Food to Pharma. That’s why our customers rely on ControlByWeb controllers as both redundant and primary warehouse temperature monitoring systems and control devices for warehouses, coolers, freezers, and throughout the cold chain. We ensure proper temperature and humidity for storage and transportation of important items like food, beverage, medicine, vaccines, and more.

Cold storage warehouses require tight temperature control with reliable systems and redundant alarms and control. We offer ideal solutions for warehouse temperature monitoring and cold chain temperature control.

The Simple Solution

  • Affordable temperature monitoring
  • Reliable data acquisition & control
  • Ideal for primary and redundant monitoring
  • Logic-based email alarms
  • Remote access on laptop and mobile devices


Common Warehouse Temperature Control Problems
Legacy Systems Lack Remote Visiblity
Installed control systems often lack remote monitoring or control features. Replacing the system with remote enabled control and sufficient logic is cost-prohibitive.
Equipment Failure Jeopardizes Inventory
Temperature controlled environments must stay operational to ensure a high quality, safe product. If temperatures fall out of spec, valuable inventory is often lost.
Flexible Systems
Pre-packaged “solutions” come with rigid installation requirements, communication protocols and sensor types, leaving control engineers and integrators boxed-in.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions
Perfect Drop-In Solution for Remote Access
ControlByWeb devices have remote monitoring and control baked into their DNA. They work on any web browser and our mobile app simplifies usability for end-users.
Early and Accurate Alarms
An unnecessary or false alarm is just as bad as no alarm. ControlByWeb devices alert operators to real problems while they still have time to react, saving very valuable inventory.
Flexible Solutions
Our programmable I/O platform is inherently flexible and used for remote and local monitoring and control throughout the world with many different control systems.