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OSIsoft PI System is an enterprise infrastructure for management of time series data and events. A wide base of installations across manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences, data centers and process industries relies upon the OSIsoft PI System to safeguard data and deliver enterprise-wide visibility into operational and business data in order to manage assets, mitigate risks, improve processes, drive innovation, make business decisions in real time, as well as identify competitive business and market opportunities.

Experience OSIsoft PI by attending one of PI System training courses offered by EMI. These training courses are taught by our team of expert instructors. Training groups are limited to 8 people to ensure that each participant receives generous attention.

Following is a list of courses currently being offered at the PI Training Center:

  • PI Application Developer Training Courses
  • PI Application Developer (AF SDK, PI OLEDB Enterprise, PI Web API…)
  • Visualizing PI Data
  • PI Web API
  • PI Client Training Courses
  • Visualizing PI System Data (Clients)
  • Analyzing PI System Data
  • Building Displays with PI Vision
  • Building Reports with PI Datalink
  • Building Displays with PI ProcessBook
  • Server Courses
  • Building PI System Assets and Analytics with PI AF
  • PI System Architecture, Planning, & Implementation
  • PI System Administration for IT Professionals
  • Small Private Online Courses
  • Building Basic Displays with PI ProcessBook
  • Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook
  • Creating Basic Reports with PI DataLink
  • Developing Applications with PI AF SDK
  • Configuring Calculations with PI AF
  • Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF
  • Configuring a Simple PI System
  • Configuring Calculations with PI ACE


Matrikon Online Courses

OPC Overview & Concepts

OPC Practical Applications and Troubleshooting

The two courses provided by Engineering and Marketing International (EMI), as the exclusive partner and distributor of Matrikon OPC in the MENA region, covers essential aspects about the leading industrial communication protocol “OPC”, and its applications through a diversified range of products provided by Matrikon OPC.

The courses focuses on delivering the basics of OPC including the transition from proprietary data communication to a standardized data interoperability with OPC Unified Architecture (UA) and the specifications underlying this transition.

Moreover, bestselling products from Matrikon OPC are explained in depth in terms of their features and functionality. Products include:

OPC Free Test Tools:

  • OPC Explorer
  • Simulation Server
  • OPC UA Tunneller
  • OPC Redundancy Broker (ORB)
  • OPC Data Manager (ODM)
  • OPC Funnel

Based on the trainee’s request and along with presenting the foundational knowledge about OPC and some of its applications, we care about developing the participants practical use of OPC software and this is where the courses cover the more technical aspects of installing, configuring and troubleshooting client-server connections.


ControlByWeb Services and Support

Knowledgeable Technical Support

A lot of effort has been put into designing and manufacturing I/O modules that are easy to use and reliable. We put in the same amount of effort to support customers and integrators. Our in‐house technical support engineers and technicians are available by phone and email to provide real help when you need it. 

Our team of experienced engineers provide technical support, project design, devices configuration, hardware deployment, and systems integration services.

Our team of software developers provide programming, integration, and deployment services to assist in integrating ControlByWeb devices and sensors with existing IoT platforms or software using APIs and different communication protocols. 

Priority Support

Integrators enjoy priority phone and email support. When you reach out, we’ll be there with the answers you need.

System Engineering Consultation

Our sales engineers can work with you in developing a new or updated system design. We stand behind years of I/O monitoring and control expertise and want to help integrators provide the best solution to their customers.

Schedule a 30‐minute call so we can better understand your application and determine if we’re a good fit.


ControlByWeb Training

ControlByWeb System Integrator Program:

We provide hands-on and remote training for ControlByWeb intuitive no-code programming devices to enable system integrators to easily design and implement IoT projects.

Our training program covers project design using various types of ControlByWeb devices, sensor selection, communication protocols, and open APIs.

Also, the training goes through step-by-step configuration, I/O setup, RS-485 Modbus mapping, SNMP integration, BASIC and LUA programming, dashboard building, graphing and data analysis, logging and historical data export, Peer-to-Peer communication, cloud configuration, mobile application setup, users access management and much more related topics.

We also have training sessions and documentations for software developers to demonstrate the integration of ControlByWeb hardware devices with existing or new software, ERP systems, and dashboards using various communication protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, XML, JSON, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP, SMTP, Remote Services, ControlByWeb cloud API.