Redundancy Broker

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OPC Redundancy Broker offers a seamless software solution that implements driver level redundancy supporting both OPC DA, HDA, and A&E.

The OPC Redundancy Broker (ORB) enables easy implementation of redundancy in systems that take advantage of OPC technology. ORB is designed for OPC applications that must use redundant hardware and/or software to achieve the highest degree of communication reliability. ORB can even be retrofitted to current systems since ORB functions with any OPC server, regardless of vendor.

Features include:

  • Support for multiple, same server, redundant pairs
  • Support redundancy for DA, A&E, and HDA OPC Servers
  • Full OPC HDA support for selected HDA interfaces
  • Status tags enable you to track which OPC Servers are down
  • Multiple levels of redundancy (Hot, Warm, and Cold)
  • Automatically switches between from primary to standby or vice versa when the criterion of failover is detected.
  • Allow “Force a Failover” to manually toggle between the primary to standby or vice versa
  • Powerful failover detection engine (trigger failover on item deviation, threshold, rate of change, and quality)
  • Full support for Matrikon OPC Tunneller
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit are natively supported

ORB constantly monitors the Primary OPC server. When a failure is detected, it automatically redirects communication to the Standby OPC server. No data is lost and there is no system downtime. 

OPC Alarms & Events Functionality

OPC Redundancy Broker now supports the OPC Alarms & Events (OPC A&E) specification. This increased functionality is designed for solutions that require highly available sequence of event (SOE) data. There is no other product on the market today that provides users with industrial strength OPC server level redundancy like MatrikonOPC Redundancy Broker.

Increase the availability of Safety Systems Data

There are countless scenarios where Matrikon OPC Redundancy Broker can be effectively used to enhance the performance of plant safety systems. One such example is to combine the proven reliability of OPC Redundancy technology to create a robust solution for interfacing with Triconex safety systems. This solution provides OPC A&E client applications (i.e. MatrikonOPC A&E Historian) with the ability to increase the availability of Sequence of Event (SOE) data. Users can now easily combine Triconex’s famous triple redundancy with full OPC DA/A&E redundancy right out of the box!

Easy Implementation

ORB works with any OPC Client software. It handles all configuration and fail-over issues automatically! ORB enables easy implementation of a transparent, redundant environment with no programming required.

Seamless Integration

ORB can be used to seamlessly upgrade an existing OPC infrastructure. Once a standby OPC Server is added, ORB will automatically enable all the client software to quickly make use of the reinforced system.


ORB makes implementing redundancy easier than ever! The user interface allows for such easy configuration that the existing OPC architecture can be made redundant in a matter of seconds. No programming and no hassles!

Watchdog Tags

Watchdog Tags can be configured to trigger a fail-over.


ORB automatically handles fail-overs, but it can also provide notification by various configurable methods!


View the state of all running ORBs on your site. The easy-to-read display broadcasts the state of each OPC Redundancy Broker with intuitive Windows-style icons.