Asset information management AIM

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Build and sustain the core of your digital twin to deliver projects on time, boost operational performance, and ensure safety and efficiency

An industrial facility produces and updates a staggering amount of data throughout its lifecycle, starting from design and continuing through operations and decommissioning. Collecting and verifying data is essential to building a trusted digital twin, which can help you increase revenue by 1-2% and reduce expenses by 10-30%1. Unfortunately, among both engineering, procurement, and construction (EPCs) companies and owner operators, data is often siloed across various teams and systems, which makes it difficult to gather, validate, and turn into actionable information.

AVEVA Asset Information Management is a powerful, web-based solution that aggregates information from multiple sources and formats. Securely access, visualize and validate trusted digital twin data— whether in collaboration with teams in your own organization or from other businesses.

It’s a single source of truth that provides actionable insights, improves operations and reduces errors.

Key capabilities

 Creates the core of the digital twin 

AVEVA Asset Information Management establishes one, common location for all your data, including documents, 3D models, reporting, and laser scans, creating the core of a trusted digital twin. It provides a complete cross-reference index with links to and associations between all items in the digital twin. AVEVA works with a variety of interoperability working groups and industry standards bodies to offer vendor neutral, scalable technology. As an agnostic solution, AVEVA Asset Information Management accepts data from any source

 Automatic information discovery 

Fast, powerful search and reporting capabilities, combined with tag and document associations, enable you to find information efficiently and effectively.

 Cloud-based Flexibility 

Asset Information Management can be deployed through AVEVATM Connect, AVEVA’s industrial cloud platform. This system allows organizations to quickly and securely share critical information with employees and trusted partners so everyone can access the same data and collaborate seamlessly. Our cloud platform also offers commercial flexibility with various subscription approaches. AVEVA provides the necessary computing infrastructure, backup, updates, security, and performance, reducing your IT burden.

 Document management and control system 

Through AVEVA’s strategic partnership with Assai, AVEVA Asset Information Management is integrated with the Assai Document Control and Management System, which proactively controls document revision flows to manage non-intelligent data.

 Data quality assessment 

Through its aggregation of project and asset data, AVEVA Asset Information Management can report on the quality, consistency, and completeness of data, improving compliance and enabling efficient handover operations.

 High-quality visualization 

AVEVA Asset Information Management delivers high quality, web-based visualization of tag data, documents, drawings, 3D models, and laser scans (via AVEVA™ Point Cloud Manager). The automatic creation of hotspots and hyperlinks provides additional intelligence for easy identification and navigation of tags.

 Improved compliance 

AVEVA Asset Information Management is integrated with AVEVA™ Information Standards Manager, which imposes structured, compliant information standards (CFIHOS, ISO 15926, ISO14224, etc.)