Temperature Monitoring and Control

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Temperature Experts in Process Control & Industrial Automation
We engineer and manufacture industrial I/O devices ideal for nearly any temperature monitoring and control application you can imagine. We integrate with control systems such as SCADA and DCS with common communication protocols like Modbus TCP/IP.

Ethernet & WiFi I/O Modules & Temperature Sensors
Our specialty is Ethernet and WiFi temperature monitoring and control as either a stand-alone device, a small to medium-sized temperature control system, or as part of a larger industrial control system.

Flexible Temperature Monitoring Solutions
Our I/O modules and sensors are inherently flexible due to their compatibility with a variety of process equipment, control systems, communication protocols, and networks. Our customers trust our reliability in applications and industries ranging from cold-chain monitoring to server room automation.

Remote Temperature Monitoring
With a built-in web server, on-device logic, and Modbus TCP/IP communication our I/O devices are ideal for remote temperature monitoring and control. Our modules network via either ethernet or WiFi and can interface with telemetry such as cellular, radio, and satellite. Common applications include freezer & refrigerator monitoring, remote building automation, and asset monitoring.



  • Temperature Alert Emails
    Configure the modules to send email messages when a preset temperature is reached.
  • Log Temperature Data
    Log temperature data over time and send log files via email or FTP at preset intervals.
  • Control Relays Based on Temperature Sensor Data
    Configure relays remotely via a standard web browser to trigger alarms, heaters, fans, etc.
  • Send Temperature Data via API
    Send sensor data to third-party program software or control systems using XML or Modbus TCP/IP


Common Temperature Problems

Asset & Inventory Losses

Lack of visibility and notifications causes expensive maintenance and loss of inventory.


Governing bodies often require temperature logging to prove an acceptable range.


Remote monitoring typically requires expensive equipment and on-going subscription fees.

Installation & Scalability

Temperature sensors can be needed in difficult locations, expensive to scale, and require extensive wiring.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions

Remote Alarms & Control Logic

Web-based monitoring, alarms, and control prevent the loss of valuable assets.

Data Logging

Data logging along with email records and FTP uploads helps prove compliance.

Cost Effective

Affordable equipment that only requires an Internet connection for full functionality. Cloud optional.

Flexible Architecture

Expandable I/O and peer-to-peer communication overcomes common installation challenges.