WebRelay™ | Single Relay & Input Module

Harness I/O through the internet with the original WebRelay™. It is an electromechanical relay featuring a built-in web server and optically isolated input that can be used to monitor dry contacts or control industrial equipment.

X-410™ | Edge Programmable Controller

The X-410 is a fully featured, Ethernet I/O control module with an innovative solution for creating advanced logic (tasks) without the need for scripting

X-406™ | 1-Wire Multi-Bus Module

The X-406 is a fully featured web-enabled temperature and humidity module with four independent 1-Wire Buses, allowing monitoring of up to 64 sensors.

X-408™ | Digital Input Module

The X-408 is a fully featured web-enabled digital input monitoring device, designed for applications requiring discrete input monitoring over an IP network.

X-418™ | 8-Channel Analog Input Module

The X-418™ is a web-enabled analog module with eight configurable analog-to-digital inputs. Perfect for sensor monitoring for tank/bin level, pressure, flow, current, and more.

X-417™ | Analog Output Module

The X-417 is a web-enabled analog output module with up to five channels, designed for web-based applications without requiring additional software or hardware.

WebRelay-Quad™ | 4 Web-Controlled Relays

Remotely control 4 electromechanical relays with the WebRelay Quad. The simple user interface and no-code logic builder makes this programmable logic controller the easiest relay control method you can find.