Predictive Analytics

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What if you combined the real-time and historical information from AVEVA™ PI Server 
with the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities of AVEVA Predictive 

 How much more profit could you achieve for your business? How many critical asset failures could you prevent and how much would that improve the safety, reliability,  and sustainability of your operations? 

The combination of AVEVA Predictive Analytics with AVEVA PI System goes beyond condition monitoring. Condition-based maintenance (CBM) deploys user-defined rules  to identify abnormal or out-of-range operating conditions whereas predictive analytics  uses AI and machine learning to learn the unique operating signature of each asset  while automatically adapting to changing load, ambient, and operational conditions for  advanced notice of potential asset failures before they occur.

AVEVA Predictive Analytics enables your personnel to proactively assess equipment and schedule  maintenance activities at the most economically  advantageous time. It helps to streamline asset  performance, increase reliability, and reduce  unscheduled downtime to improve the operational  efficiency and profitability of your business.
AVEVA Predictive Analytics enables operations and  maintenance personnel to be more proactive in their work. Instead of tripping the unit or immediately reducing load on the power plant, maintenance teams =can assess problematic situations for more optimized outcomes. Operators might shift loads to reduce asset strain or schedule necessary maintenance during a planned outage. These software solutions allow you to optimize maintenance scheduling to minimize the impact on operations.

AVEVA Predictive Analytics is an off-the-shelf solution. It requires no programming or data science knowledge. 
Other key benefits of AVEVA Predictive Analytics include:

  • Unparalleled breadth and depth of analyses with a proven approach
  • Fault diagnostics and prescriptive actions, which provide guidance and reduce uncertainty and errors
  • The ability to operationalize AI at scale by leveraging templates and deploying models in minutes instead of weeks or months

Sensor data from your equipment, such as turbines, pumps, and motors, has correlated readings like speed, bearing temperature, vibration, and load. By combining this data stored in AVEVA PI Server with AVEVA Predictive Analytics, you can use built-in AI and machine learning to automatically identify abnormal asset behavior weeks and months before a failure may occur without having to write a single line of software code. The result is advanced early warning notification so that assets can be proactively inspected and equipment failures, which otherwise might not have been identified, can be avoided. 

Achieve asset excellence

Improving reliability, performance, and safety are among the top priorities of industrial plants and other asset-intensive organizations. Businesses today focus their efforts and resources on controlling costs and maximizing value from existing investments. AVEVA Predictive Analytics supports predictive maintenance (PdM) programs with early warning and diagnosis of equipment issues ahead of asset failures and existing operational alarms. The power of AVEVA Predictive Analytics lies in its ability to automatically transform raw data into easyto-understand, actionable insights, which can help you improve the availability, reliability, and performance of your operations.

And, because it’s equipment agnostic, users can configure the software to monitor assets regardless of equipment type, vendor, or asset age without the need for OEM-specific asset information.

The AVEVA Predictive Analytics advantage

  • Reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Prevent equipment failures
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Extend equipment life
  • Identify underperforming assets
  • Improve safety
  • Optimize maintenance planning and execution

Software features

AVEVA Predictive Analytics offers native integration to your existing AVEVA PI System. The solution is highly scalable and can be used to monitor a single asset, a specific plant, or thousands of remote assets across many sites. Users can easily integrate results from the AVEVA Predictive Analytics models with other business systems using open and industry-standard integration approaches.

  • Native AVEVA PI System integration 
  • Prescriptive action
  • Asset remaining useful life
  • Intuitive model building
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Fault diagnostics
  • Transient module
  • Case management
  • Operational scale
  • Calculation engine
  • Cybersecurity

AVEVA Predictive Analytics is used to monitor over 35,000 assets globally.