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Glance System

Glance is a real-time graphical visualization client for OPC DA/HDA and OSIsoft PI that runs on all modern devices that support HTML5 without requiring add-ons. With Glance, users can house thousands of displays, view and even build displays on any modern web browser. The intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate and maintain a collection of graphical process displays suitable for an entire fleet of industrial facilities. Glance displays process graphics in real-time on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and other mobile devices as well as most modern desktop browsers.


Highlighted Features

Single Point of Use A single website interface does it all: stores, organizes, searches, views real-time information, mines data, builds dynamic process displays, etc.

HTML5 Display Builder Web-based screen builder that looks and feels like a desktop application.

Scalability Store thousands of displays, from fleetwide implementation to monitoring a single process.

Affordable Licensing Models Licensing can be customized to fit customer needs. Popular options include the per named-site and server connection/tag count licenses. Both options offer unlimited end-users and devices, giving connected users the ability to view and build displays.

Built on Industry Standards Supports streaming real-time and archived process information from both OPC servers and OSIsoft PI Systems.

Lightning Fast Searchable Metadata Allows users to find the desired information within a fleetwide library of displays.

Any Modern Device Fully web-based and accessible from modern browsers and devices such as iPads® , iPhones® , Android™ phones and tablets.

Symbol Library Graphics provided by Software Toolbox’s Symbol Factory gives users access to thousands of high quality pieces of artwork when building industrial process displays in Glance.



Access Industrial Automation Information

Increases awareness by allowing users to access, visualize, and evaluate critical process information from the convenience of their mobile device.

  • Live Process Data

Users have access to a live stream of updated data in fully featured Interactive trends: zoom, expand, and pan with simple gestures.

  • Display Builder

The Integrated Web-Based Builder gives every connected user the ability to quickly view and build process displays on-the-fly.

  • Turnkey Solution for IIoT

Provides a single cross-platform website for viewing and building displays on client workstations and mobile devices. Harness your sensor data to make effecient and informed decisions.



  • Purely Web

Lightweight web-based client runs on all modern mobile devices and desktop browsers that support HTML5 with no add-ons required. Graphical process screens update dynamically in real-time utilizing HTML5.

  • Drill Down

Tooltip values and ad-hoc trends provide a drill-down user experience. Interactive trends allow users to view trend cursors, zoom in on signals, and select any time range.

  • International Support

Through Unicode support, the entire Glance website can be experienced in other languages including English, French, German, Chinese, and Hindi. Users may select their preferred language, time zone, date, and number formatting.



  • Tailored for Your Company

Customize the look and feel of Glance to match your facility’s corporate identity guidelines, including logos and color schemes

  • Find Your Data Fast

Advanced searching allows users to search for metadata throughout the library of real-time display files as well as perform Integrated searches throughout PI Systems, PI AF databases, and OPC Servers.

  • Fast and Intuitive

Tree view navigation allows users to find displays within their corporate or asset hierarchy. Public Folders can be customized by department, facility, area, and more!

  • Interactive Trends

Robust interactive trending includes zoom, time period selection, multiple scales, data export, streaming real-time data, and much more.