EMI PI Web Parts to PIVision Converter

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EMI PI Web Parts to PIVision converter gives you the ability to convert the SharePoint PI Web Parts and Processbook Displays to PIVision displays. All the PI Web parts available on SharePoint are converted into their equivalent symbols in PIVision such as PI Gauge, PI Trend, PI Values, PI XY-Plot and PI Graphic. The conversion of the PI Graphic web part is based on converting each symbol in the corresponding ProcessBook display into an equivalent symbol in PIVision.

System requirments

  • WindowsServer2012R2orLater
  • SharePoint2013orLater
  • PIVision
  • NetFramework4.5orLater
  • IIS7orlater

Main features

  • Converting PI WebParts to PIVision: PI Gauges, PITrends, PIValues, PIXY-Plots and PIGraphics.
  • Display the PI Vision URL of each converted page in a table after the conversion is completed.
  • Display the conversion history for the user.
  • Display the Share Point pages, available on a chosen site. Convert ProcessBook Graphics to PIVision Displays


PI WebParts

Below is some of the PI Web parts supported by PI Web to PIVision Converter


SharePoint & PIVision URL

The user should only provide the parameters to connect to SharePoint and PIVision


SharePoint Pages

Showing the SharePoint pages available on the SharePoint URL chosen by the user


Conversion Summary

Showing the conversion progress of the chosen pages, and a summary table containing each converted SharePoint page with its corresponding PIVision Display


Conversion History

Showing a history table of all the conversions done by the user.


ProcessBook Graphics  to PIVision Display


ProcessBook Graphics  to PIVision Display