For General Databases Access

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The OPC Server for Databases supports both real-time and historical data access to ODBC, MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle compliant databases. Users may map the OPC point name, value, quality and timestamp by ODBC source table column, custom queries or through pre-configured stored procedures.  Applications that require connectivity to databases can use this MatrikonOPC Server to access real-time and historical process data that is archived by an online analyzer, laboratory personnel, etc.  

The OPC Server for Databases has the following new and enhanced Features: 

  • Multi-Instance support
  • Improved database write performance
  • Support for MongoDB a popular NOSQL database
  • Supports OPC Alarms and Events: Simple and Conditional. Acknowledgement and Storing
  • Updated Graphical User Interface for simplified workflow and ease of use
  • Supports using column names as tag names
  • Batch IDs and Insert Time Stamps (BatchID makes a group of Tags unique and Insert Time Stamp stores the Time at which the write was done on the tag value regardless of what the actual timestamp was)
  • Connection indicator (shows whether you are currently connected to the database or not)
  • Executes database functions and procedures with OPC point values filling in the parameters
  • Aggregates List: Average, Count, Duration Bad, Duration Good, Interpolated, Maximum, Maximum Actual Time,
  • Minimum, Minimum Actual Time, Percent Bad, Percent Good, Standard Deviation, Time Average, Total, Variance, and more...
  • User-friendly help tab (dynamically changes based on the options that are selected for GDA Object Devlink)

The OPC Server for Databases supports the following:

  • Support for ODBC-compliant databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Rockwell RSSQL, Sybase, etc
  • Access to both real-time and historical data
  • Read and write access
  • Simultaneous connection to multiple databases
  • Aliases for tag names
  • Calculation engine

Matrikon OPC Server Features, Benefits and Options:

  • Flexible Client Application Connectivity Options
  • Dedicated Device Connectivity
  • Tag Database and Browsing Options
  • Extensive Tag Management Options
  • Diagnostic and Logging Options
  • Certified Compliant and Interoperability Tested
  • Common User Experience
  • Configuration to Optimize for a Specific System
  • Full Featured OPC Test Client – OPC Explorer