GRI-4402-A Industrial, Wide-Gap Magnetic Sensor

Engineering & Marketing International

Monitor chain link gates, safes, walk-in freezer, doors, etc. These rugged industrial contact sensors are triggered by the proximity of a magnetic field (magnet included). They are weather resistant and offer a wide temperature operating range (-40F to 257F). They come with a 36″ armored cable to resist vandalism.

Magnetic Sensor Wiring Diagram

The GRI-4402-A offers SPDT form C contacts so they can be used in open or closed loop circuits. The illustration below shows the sensor wired as a N/O circuit. Magnetic contact sensor wiring diagram

Gate Monitoring with ControlByWeb Products

The GRI-4402-A can be connected to any ControlByWeb product with a digital input. When the magnet is within proximity of the sensor switch, it will apply a voltage to the digital input, turning it ‘On.’ When the input changes, ControlByWeb module can be configured to send email/text alerts, control remote relays (for alarms at a remote location), and/or log events.



  • Mountable up to 2 1/2″ apart
  • Contact Form: C
  • Circuit Types: Open/Closed
  • Left or Right Installation
  • 3 ft Armored Cable

Compatible Products

The 4402-A is compatible with all ControlByWeb® products that have a digital input.

  • WebRelay™
  • WebRelay Wireless™
  • X-408™
  • X-410™
  • X-420™
  • WebSwitch Plus™
  • WebRelay-10 Plus™
  • X-15s™
  • X-17s™
  • X-19s™
  • X-20s™
  • XW-111™