IO Platform

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IO Platform is web-based software used to connect ControlbyWeb devices in real-time into one integrated platform. Users are able to add remote ControlbyWeb devices and associated sensors and fetch their real-time data into one single platform.

System Requirements

  • Windows server 2016 or newer
  • At least 8GB of RAM
  • At least 2GHZ processor
  • SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio  installed (preferably version 2016 or newer)
  • .Net Framework 4.8 or newer
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) configured

Main Features

  • ControlByWeb device model number,  status, location, and number of connected sensors
  • Current and historical sensors data  trends
  • Heat Map. - Sensor high- and low-level limits
  • Alarm views acknowledgment and  status reporting
  • Filtering mechanism per device,  location, and sensor view
  • Manage devices such as add, remove,  or modify
  • Manage sensors such as update sensor  information, thresholds, & critical limits
  • Manage users such as user groups,  logins, roles, and permissions
  • Full reporting capabilities with Excel  export to help maintenance managers issue work orders against faults

Flagged Data will include

  • Login page with username and  password
  • Home page: General overview of all the  devices and sensors across all locations
  • Device view: A summary table of the  device attributes (Model number, Serial number, IP Address, Location, number of sensors connected)
  • Manage devices: The capability to edit  devices (add, remove, change IP Address)
  • Manage sensors: Table summary of all  sensors and associated attributes with the ability to set alarm thresholds
  • Manage users: Can be accessed by  admin in order to assign different roles to users
  • Reporting and export feature: The ability  to export all devices and sensors information to PDF and Excel


Heat map & Pie Charts

Summarize all data related to device locations and sensors in Pie-Chart and Heat Map to easily pinpoint at a glance the critical alarm areas


Location View

High level Bar-Chart display summarizing devices and sensors per location allowing identification of alarms


Sensor View

Drill down capability to pinpoint areas of concern. Sensor attributes: historical data, trends, low and high thresholds, location, and what devices they are connected to.


Reporting Capabilities

Get summary reports for all devices and sensors data allowing Maintenance, Quality and Compliance managers to keep record and comply with regulations and accreditation requirements. Ability to export reports to Excel and PDF


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