Matrikon Data Broker

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Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) establishes and manages data access to your 3rd party control automation data sources regardless if the connections are across the shop floor, throughout your enterprise, or to the cloud.

MDB now supports user-controlled OPC UA Data Modeling and Data Mapping. Using an easy-to-use graphical user interface, users can drag and drop OPC UA Companion Specification (CS) files into MDB to import new data types. Once the new types are imported, users can instantiate the new types and map data from federated data sources so the rest of the organization can work directly with the data model context instead of the underlying data sources.

MDB uses the latest open standard data connectivity technologies like OPC UA and MQTT to solve complex shopfloor connectivity challenges and overcome IT/OT gaps “under the hood” so companies can focus on putting their shopfloor data to work instead of wasting time and resources trying to access it.

Use Cases

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Architecture Overview
Use Matrikon Data Broker on the operating system of your choice. Run it as either a local application or as a Linux container.