MND Modbus Display

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This user-friendly display is compatible with select ControlByWeb devices and does more than simply display its sensor’s readings. Features include the ability to alter sensor settings using the Modbus registry and to power a sensor with its batteries. Works on any Modbus network.

  • Easy 3-button programming
  • RS-485: 9600 baud (Modbus RTU)
  • Local display for up to 10 sensors
  • Display: 5 digit LCD, 0.4 in. digits

Easy to use

The display is controlled by three buttons that allow you to cycle through, select options, and input data.

Remote Applications

The MND is capable of providing display functions to our remote Internet-connected sensors.

Local Applications

The MND display is also capable of acting as a Modbus Master in exclusively local applications. The display’s 9V battery not only powers the display itself but also supplies power to the connected Modbus sensor.


  • Easy 3-button programming
  • User-selectable units of measure


  • RS-485: 9600 baud (Modbus RTU)
  • Display readings: Volume | Level | Distance | Pressure


  • Battery Option: 9V Lithium | 3.6V Lithium | Low battery detection with 25% increments
  • External Power Option: 9-28 VDC


  • NO CLOUD NEEDED! Remote connection available with ControlByWeb devices (see below)


  • Automatic programming via ControlByWeb device


  • Size: 3.25” x 1.6” (82.6 x 40.6 mm)
  • Display: 5 digit LCD, 0.4 in. digits


  • Environmental Protection: IP67
  • Operating Temp: 0°F to 160°F (-18°C to 71°C)
  • Storage Temp: -30°F to 160°F (-34°C to 71°C)


  • Top of tank | Head pressure | Simple to install and program

Compatible Products

Connect the MND to one of the following ControlByWeb products:

  • X-404 Modbus Master Controller
  • X-404C Cellular Modbus Master Controller
  • MPX Float Sensor
  • PT-500 Pressure Transducers
  • MNU 2424 Mid-Range Ultrasonic Sensor
  • MNU 3434 Long-Range Ultrasonic Sensor