MQTT Publisher for OPC UA

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Use MQTT Publisher to enable MDB to securely publish its data over the popular Message Que Telemetry Transport (MQTT) to the cloud provider of your choice. MQTT Publisher is a dedicated Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) extension that makes it easy to securely send OPC UA formatted data to the following cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Cost-Effective Publishing

MQTT Publisher Data Queuing and Data Compression functionality minimize data publishing costs by improving the data-to-overhead ratio and reducing the raw volume of data that needs to be sent to convey the same information.


The following diagram illustrates a typical architecture using MDB and the MQTT Publisher extension.

Note: if your shopfloor data sources are behind a firewall or DMZ, refer to the MDB webpage to learn how you can easily overcome these common challenges.

Use Cases

  • Data is often published over MQTT in one-to-many scenarios where an MQTT publisher makes data available to MQTT subscribers. The connectionless aspect of MQTT makes it a popular choice for WAN (internet) based applications because it avoids the types of security threats associated with point-to-point connection-based transports.
  • MQTT Publisher uses OPC UA PubSub compliant JSON data encoding to maximize interoperability. This minimizes future sustainability challenges associated with supporting custom JSON encoding