Operator Rounds

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Achieve operational excellence in the palm of your hand with the industry-leading operator -driven reliability solution

Digitally transform your mobile workforce Achieve operational excellence in the palm of your hand with the industry-leading operator-driven reliability solution

Improve reliability, safety and productivity

Operator rounds

  • Reduce maintenance costs with early detection of equipment failures
  • Supports continuous improvement programs
  • Improve production efficiency and identify incident avoidance by capturing key operational data

Maximize wrench time

  • Increase labor productivity while reducing rework and backlog
  • Reduce maintenance and inventory carrying costs
  • Optimize MRO work order planning and execution HSSE compliance
  • Timely scheduling and execution of federal, state, and local regulatory inspections
  • Heightened awareness to precursors that could lead to HSSE incidents
  • Highly accessible data improves day-to-day compliance tracking and regulatory reporting requirements


  • Prevent unexpected energization, start-up, or release of stored energy
  • Prevent injury to employees
  • Mobile framework supports the development, documentation and enforcement of LOTO control and release procedures


  • Enhances productivity by allowing workers to use a device fit for purpose
  • Increased worker satisfaction through use of preferred up-to-date devices
  • Lower total cost of ownership through increased device options that range from consumer-grade up to Zone 1/2 Haz Loc rated devices

Collect stranded data

  • Capture and transform non-instrumented data into contextualized information
  • Easily integrate this data to 3rd party systems
  • Clearer visibility into the state of the business enabling well informed intelligent decisions

Knowledge transfer

  • Digitize, capture, and share expert knowledge to help guide employee development
  • Ensure business continuity and minimize knowledge loss due to attrition
  • Easily share knowledge across the enterprise

Task management

  • Enable efficient and effective execution of mobile workforce tasks
  • Improve field worker knowledge and awareness to their environment
  • Realize increases in plant safety, availability and reliability

Procedure enforcement

  • Facilities consistent use and continuous improvement of best practices
  • Ensure predictable and safe work practices by reducing human error
  • Enhance situational awareness and effective decision making in real time

Barcode and RFID

  • Improves accuracy and efficiency of task execution
  • Provides positive asset identification for regulatory compliance

Why Mobile Operator procedures?

  • Grow and Digitalize AI Business
  • Clients Expect Digital Procedures
  • Improve Reliability on O&M Contracts and upsell services
  • Consistent Work Processes and Data Collection improve productivity
  • Ensure regulatory requirements are met and stored
  • Reduce un-necessary administration and keep procedures up to date
  • Build a Digitally Enabled Team of Connected Workers