Thermocouple to 1-Wire Adapter

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Type-K Thermocouple to 1-wire signal adapter for use in high-range temperature applications.

  • Thermocouple Range: -200°C to 260°C (-328°F to 500°F)
  • Accuracy: -200°C – 0°C: 2%
  • Sensor Accuracy:-200°C to 0°C: 2%
  • Sensor Accuracy: 0°C to 260°C: 0.75%

The X-TC1W-K is a thermocouple to 1-Wire signal adapter for use in a broad range of industrial applications. It works directly with X-400 Series, X-600M, and WebRelay Wireless modules with a 1-Wire Bus (X-410, X-420, etc.), X-600M and WebRelay-Wireless modules only. No power supply or additional software is required. Simply connect and configure using the built-in configuration and setup web pages of the host device.

No additional software, or power supply required. Simply connect and set up on any of our compatible products.


Use thermocouple sensors to monitor temperature in freezers, ovens, incubators, generators – Anywhere precision and rugged temperature sensors are required.


  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +149.9°F (-40°C to 65.5°C)
  • Sensor Type: Type-K Thermocouple (not included)
  • Sensor Range: -200°C to 1250°C (-328°F to 2282°F)
  • Sensor Accuracy:-200°C to 0°C: 2%
  • 0°C to 260°C: 0.75%

Compatible Products

  • X-400
  • X-400C
  • X-404
  • X-404C
  • X-405
  • X-406
  • X-410
  • X-420
  • X-600M
  • WebRelay Wireless