VEGAPOINT 11 Capacitive Limit Switch

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The VEGAPOINT 11 ultra-compact capacitive limit switch for detection of water-based liquids. Hygienic adapters available. From DK > 2, 1/2″ NPT thread, M12 connector, transistor output.

  • Low-cost limit switch
  • For water-based liquids
  • Options for various media
  • Call for additional options

From DK > 2, 1/2″ NPT thread, M12 connector, transistor output.

Configurable: Please contact our sales department for additional options.

The VEGAPOINT Series of ultra-compact capacitive limit switches are your best option for liquid detection. This series can be very easily installed in a number of different applications, including the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The low-cost, low power consumption designs of the VEGAPOINT Series products provide high-end results.

Your benefit

  • Simple setup, as adjustment-free.
  • Configurable to match your needs.
  • Low-cost limit switch with smallest installation dimensions.

Application Example

Storing Yeast

The yeast is grown and stored in small storage tanks at an optimal temperature, then added to the fermentation tanks as required. To ensure ideal storage, the minimum and maximum limit levels as well as the pressure in the tank are monitored.