Agricultural Temperature & Humidity Control

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Growing and harvesting root vegetables takes a lot of money and effort. If stored incorrectly, the crop can be damaged, diminish in value, and even spoil. Thanks to advancements in environment monitoring and control, storage facilities have come a long way since the root cellar. Small-scale operations may include fans and an HVAC unit for basic temperature control and air movement. At an industrial level, facilities monitor and control temperature, humidity, airflow, CO2, and more with a variety of finely tuned equipment.

Industrial Ventilation Inc. (IVI) designs and builds storage facility control systems and equipment to be used for root vegetable crops. Supporting their impressive system was difficult due to complex hardware integrations. That’s why they turned to ControlByWeb.

When IVI created their next-generation product, they needed the right hardware to eliminate the problems from past systems—reliability, complexity, and a lack of flexible system architecture. Using our innovative and simplified control hardware, IVI improved reliability and dramatically simplified their control system integration.


Common Temperature/Humidity Problems
Failure Rates
System failure can be catastrophic for the crop, leading to significant financial loss through damage or spoilage.
Environmental control systems often require custom solutions and retrofits. Cookie-cutter systems simply don’t work.
Control hardware can be difficult to get working in unison, creating overly complex integration and resulting in failure.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions
Our USA-made hardware is carefully engineered and expertly manufactured. We’re known for consistent reliability.
ControlByWeb programmable controllers network, install, and communicate easily in either a master or a node role.
With multiple, well-understood ways to poll data from our devices, communication becomes simple and integration streamlined.