Center Pivot Irrigation System

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Center pivot irrigation systems have helped revolutionize agricultural irrigation and increase crop yields since 1940 when inventor Frank Zybach created his first design. They are an efficient way to evenly irrigate large fields and since their inception have improved dramatically in reliability and at preventing water loss. Recently, with better access to high-speed Internet, the proliferation of cellular networks, and the advent of IoT-powered precision agriculture, the next frontier for center pivot irrigation is remote monitoring and control.

Precision agriculture is a growing phenomenon. Mechanical and biological means of agricultural efficiency have done wonders for global food supply and lifted many out of poverty. Now, with global competition and increasing costs, farmers must continually adapt to find new efficiency gains to increase yields and profits.

Pivot monitoring gives growers complete situational awareness and control over their irrigation so they can react to the weather, reduce equipment failure, and do more in less time. As useful as remote pivot monitoring and control is, it’s unfortunately quite expensive, limiting who can take advantage of this valuable technology.

That’s why some growers and agronomy tech providers are turning to ControlByWeb. We help them create powerful remote monitoring and control of their pivots for a much more affordable price.



Costly Monitoring & Control
Most center pivot manufacturers offer comprehensive pivot monitoring and control, but at a steep cost that puts it out of reach for many farmers looking to save costs wherever they can.
Required Cloud Expenses
Most center pivot monitoring requires a cloud subscription that adds dramatically to the expense over time and provides few additional benefits outside of remote access.
Pre-Packaged Inflexibility
Off-the-shelf systems lack the customization needed to control costs by focusing on critical needs.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions
Low Cost Hardware & Software
ControlByWeb devices have remote monitoring and control baked into their DNA. They work on any web browser and our mobile app simplifies usability for end-users.
Cloud Optional
Our data acquisition and control modules feature embedded web servers for a stand-alone control system. While the ControlByWeb Cloud enhances capability, it is not required.
Completely Custom Solution
With the help of a talented integrator, farmers can create the solution they need to improve their operations.