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Many people unlock their phones, laptops, and other smart devices without much thought. In a fraction of a second, a face scan or registered fingerprint securely confirms their identity and grants them access to their device.

For personal use, consenting to biometric data collection offers the convenience of skipping a PIN or password. But concerns around biometric privacy are being brought up relating to business and government practices. Biometric-specific legislation either exists or has been proposed in over half of U.S. states. It’s imperative that organizations navigate these regulations and laws carefully, respecting the privacy of the individuals who use their services—or are passively being monitored.

Yurii Yefimenko, the founder and CEO of FRP Technology, works with large retail chains as they navigate the use of biometric data. Yurii’s a techie with an interest in IT and telecommunications. He’s familiar with the legal landscape of biometric data and has developed a compliant biometrics access control solution using ControlByWeb® WebRelay™ devices.


“While testing several well-known PLC manufacturers, we’ve selected WebRelay as a vital component for the ACS solution because it fits perfectly into the frp®acs access control architecture and seamlessly integrates with our cloud and edge solutions. The WebRelay-based access control solution is fast, stable, multi-purpose, and scalable, which is crucial for our customers.”

Yurii Yefimenko, FRP Technology Founder & CEO



Poor Customer Experience
From the purchase experience to his use of their products, Yurii felt like just another number as he worked with the previous manufacturer.
Outdated Technology
Yurii was surprised to learn that his purchased devices did not use the best or most current components.
Lack of Support
Frustration grew as the people Yurii spoke with demonstrated a lack of knowledge around their own products.



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