Fuel Tank Monitoring System

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Fuel is one of the most critical assets of our modern world, making fuel inventory management one of the more important monitoring and control applications. Our customers trust ControlByWeb fuel level sensors and controllers to manage their critical assets.

Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring System

Monitoring remote fuel tanks is critical for a wide range of industries from Agriculture to Telecommunications. Whether for powering large machinery or as back-up power generation for cell towers, remote fuel tanks need to be carefully managed to keep things moving.

ControlByWeb I/O and data acquisition modules are remote accessible for both remote monitoring and control of pumps, valves, vents, and more. Whether to support custody transfer or simply to regularly log inventory, our modules enable efficient operations at a distance.

Automated Monitoring to Improve Safety

Manual measurements of petrochemicals like oil and fuel come with inherent risks. Tanks are tall structures and the risk of falling is very real. Additionally, fuel and oil tanks are prone to hazardous fumes that are not only bad for the lungs, but combustible. Reducing human intervention will reduce the risk of injury across the board.



Common Fuel Tank Monitoring Problems
Manual Monitoring & Control
Monitoring systems without remote access and control, or with limited remote access, prevent real time decision-making and quick emergency response.
Failing Level Sensors
Many types of level sensors struggle with fuel due to its volatility. Whether it’s vapor layers, expansion, or corrosion, improper or cheap sensors won’t do the job.
High Cost
Hazardous location approved, industrial-grade monitoring and control systems tend to be expensive, negatively affecting small to medium-sized operations.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions
Safe & Easy Remote Access
Access and control our devices via any web browser or on our mobile app. Easily and safely check levels, receive email alarms, and automate local control.
Proven Reliable Sensors
Our float level sensors are designed specifically for and proven in the Oil and Gas field. They are perfect for harsh environments and hazardous locations.
Affordable Industrial-Grade Solutions
Our rugged sensors and controllers are designed for heavy-duty automation applications common in industrial environments indoor and out.