Gate Access Control & Gate Monitoring

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Gate Access Control

Commercial and residential gate access control and gate monitoring. – Connect the relays to a gate controller to remotely control the gate. Monitor the gate’s status with digital inputs. You can schedule the gate to open during regular business hours. You have full control over when the gate opens and you can receive text or email alerts if the gate is opened after-hours.

Use a temperature sensor to control a relay, which in turn can control a heater. The X-410 can activate the heater to prevent motor freeze up and melt ice.

Security Gate Control & Monitoring

In this example, the gate’s motor controller is connected to one of the X-410’s relays. A stand-alone keypad controller is connected to one of the X-410 inputs. When a correct code is entered into the keypad, the keypad outputs a signal to the X-410. The X-410 activates the gate’s motor when signaled from the keypad or when an authorized user activates the gate through the X-410 using a web browser or CBW Mobile app. The X-410 also monitors whether the gate is open or closed by connecting a switch or sensor to another input on the X-410.


Limit access during scheduled times

The X-410 can be easily programmed so that after 10PM, the gate cannot be opened from the outside of the facility; however, a loop detector connected to a digital input allows the gate to be automatically opened from the inside until 11PM. After 11PM, the relay is disabled and the gate remains closed unless opened by an authorized user. If the gate is opened after-hours, it sends an email/text alert to key personnel.

Monitor Motor Temperature

In our example, the X-410 has a temperature sensor to monitor the gate’s motor temperature. A heater is wired to the X-410 so when the temperature gets too low, the X-410 can turn on the heater to prevent the motor from freezing.

No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

The X-410 is a stand-alone, independent device. There are no monthly fees, and no software to install.