Grain Handling Systems: Monitoring & Control

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Grain handling facilities are an integral part of producing important commodities such as corn, wheat, or soy. These facilities feature large silos, conveyer belts and augers, motors and fans, chutes and doors, and other heavy equipment. Critical measurements required to properly run a facility include temperature, humidity, bin level, equipment condition monitoring, and a variety of on/off or open/closed states.

Traditionally, grain handling facilities were run manually, with perhaps a few level sensors to monitor inventory. An employee would need to be at the facility at all times to ensure it runs smoothly without any overfills, equipment failure, or safety violations. However, with new technology becoming evermore accessible, farmers are shifting to automation for better grain handling.

ControlByWeb is perfect for small and medium-sized automation projects such as these. We make control logic a breeze with affordable control modules that consistently perform for many years.

 Comprehensive Monitoring & Control 

  • Bin level
  • Motor and Gate Control
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • Emergency Shut Off
  • Security Camera Integration
  • Condition Monitoring



Common Grain Handling Problems
The farmer needed to implement a control system he could understand and operate without the need of a systems integrator.
The farmer needed a solution that improved safety for his family, employees, and the truck drivers that collect the grain.
The farmer needed a solution he could afford with the small margins that come with commodity production.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions
Simple Systems
Our programmable I/O modules use simple menu systems to build out custom and powerful control logic without code.
Reliable Remote Control
Our modules are carefully engineered for consistent, reliable, and independent performance that reduces failures and improves safety.
Low Cost Industrial I/O
A big part of our mission is to make very capable industrial I/O that anyone can afford, making good automation more accessible.