Lighting Controls

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Lighting control systems are more important than ever. Not only does light control help conserve energy, but we’re learning more and more about how indoor environments affect our behavior and enhance everything from productivity to learning. When you want to take advantage of lighting control advancements without a complete retrofit, ControlByWeb presents an ideal solution.


Drop-In Lighting Solution

Advanced lighting control systems are often integrated with a larger building automation system and are typically installed in new construction. For retrofits that cannot afford a total overhaul, our programmable I/O controllers are great drop-in solutions.

Our customers have used our I/O devices for things like remote switching, light scheduling, security lights, light timers, and much more.

Inputs that are compatible with digital signals from push-buttons to analog signals from photocells can be used to dim or switch lights on and off in many intelligent ways. Because our customer’s needs vary so widely, so, too, do our solutions.

What You Can Do

  • Lighting Schedules
    Controlling lights based on a schedule is useful for nearly any commercial building but can also be useful in residences and other buildings or structures, like parking garages.
  • Manual Light Control
    The simple act of controlling a manual input such as a switch or a button from a control panel is used to control lights in everything from sports complexes to churches.


Common Lighting Automation Problems
Expensive Control Systems
Lighting control systems get expensive, and often integrate with building automation systems installed in new construction. Retrofitted projects are very pricey.
Simple Solutions Lack Functionality
Most affordable I/O modules are overly simple and lack programmability, scheduling, and the flexibility needed to adjust to variable needs.
Limited Technical Skills
Drop-in solutions can quickly become complicated when I/O modules or PLCs require coding skills to create a viable solution, which limits access to efficient controls.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions
Inherent Scalability
ControlByWeb devices are modular and affordable. Get the I/O you need for much less than a control system, but with comparable capabilities.
Baked-In Functionality
We offer industrial-grade quality and advanced control functionality at a very low price point, including the ability to create conditional tasks, scheduling, and support for BASIC scripts.
Simple Task Builder
Our devices are programmable with simple drop-down menus. All core functions are easy to setup with a basic understanding of networking. No coding required.