Open Channel Flow Monitoring

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Open channel flow monitoring is an important measurement for organizations that manage rivers and canals. Installing a flow meter at critical junctures allows water managers to understand resource availability and usage patterns throughout the year. Its important that they react in a timely manner to conditions such as flooding or drought. Municipalities, landowners, farmers, and home owners all depend on open channel flow monitoring to carefully manage one of our most important resources.

An open channel flow meter usually consists of a level sensor placed over or in an engineered structure called a weir. The flow of water through a weir can be easily measured because the height of the water is proportional to flow. This crucial measurement, when taken at different places throughout a river or canal system, tells water managers where, when, and by whom water is being used.

Simply knowing how your water is being used can help governments and municipalities balance the needs of agriculture with those of residents while also conserving water. This is especially important during a drought.

One of the most reliable and least expensive ways to install open channel flow meters is with ControlByWeb controller. Our programmable I/O modules are great for data logging, alerts, calculations, and remote monitoring and now feature native cellular connectivity and cloud access.

 Ideal Rural & Remote Monitoring Station 

  • Low cost
  • Very reliable
  • Cellular telemetry
  • Optional Cloud access
  • Data logging, remote access, email alerts
  • Smartphone app




Common Open Channel Flow Problems
Water companies and municipalities, especially in rural locations, often operate on a small budget that prohibits even small expenses.
Water managers and their crews often lack the expertise to install or operate a complex monitoring solution and can’t afford an integrator.
Failure Rate
Complex solutions often result in failure due to a lack of understanding or an inability to maintain the system.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions
Low Cost
Our stand-alone I/O modules are priced very competitively and work independently, without the need for expensive infrastructure.
Easy Setup & Install
Simple drop-down menus and easy form fills are all you need to program our modules. No coding required.
Reliable Durability
Our industrial-grade products are known for consistent, reliable performance over many years with little-to-no maintenance.