Restaurant Building Automation

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Operating a restaurant is an expensive proposition. Between supplies, employees, equipment, and often franchise fees, a typical restaurant is left with pretty small margins. So when disaster comes around, it can really hurt.

You can take simple building automation steps to mitigate risk, however, without major investments. A simple example is automated start-up and shutdown of hot kitchen equipment like fryers, ovens, and grills. Kitchen staff work long hours and a tired employee can occasionally forget an important task that could result in a dangerous and expensive situation.

However, auto-startup and shutdown is just one way to protect yourself from disaster using automated monitoring and control. ControlByWeb can help you do everything from automated door locks to monitoring refrigerators and freezers.


 Full Automation System 

  • Create a complete control system for your restaurant
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Smart email/txt alarms
  • Data logging
  • Monitor doors and control cooking equipment, HVAC, and more with Task Builder and Scheduling
  • Monitor important assets like walk-in coolers, used cooking oil tanks, etc with nearly any sensor
    And much more…



Temperature Monitoring & Record Keeping
Monitoring temperature manually is time consuming and can result in record keeping failures or errors. Lapses in monitoring is common and equipment problems while your staff is away can result in expensive losses.
Human Error
Tired kitchen staff work hard during long nights. They can easily forget to lock the doors at night, shutdown a fryer, or miss the morning start up. Human error can be common, dangerous, and very costly.
Alarm Overload
Most monitoring solutions don’t offer smart alarms without upgrading to more expensive packages. Slight temperature fluctuations can result in too many alerts which can cause staff to ignore them altogether.



ControlByWeb™ Solutions
Smart Cooler Monitoring & Data Logging
Automated walk-in cooler monitoring and temperature data logging means you can access reports whenever you need to, and are always immediately alerted to problems with your equipment before it’s too late.
Automated Startup, Shutdown, & Locking
Our affordable and reliable 400-Series controllers feature no-code programming with Task Builder and scheduling so you can easily automate door locking, the start-up and shutdown of cooking equipment, and nearly anything else.
Smart Alarm Logic
Our controllers are built with on-board logic powerful enough to create intelligent alarms without code. It’s easy to eliminate useless notifications so staff are only alerted to real problems.