Weather Monitoring and Logging

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Monitor all types of weather conditions with the X-422 Davis Suite Controller. Connect various meteorological sensors to the X-422’s digital and analog inputs and display weather data on a standard web browser. Automatically upload weather data directly to third-party sites such as Weather Underground—no dedicated computer necessary.


  • Monitor weather conditions
  • Connect various sensors
  • Logging
  • Email/text notifications
  • Direct upload data to third-party sites
    And much more…


Weather Monitoring

In this example, a Davis Integrated Sensor Suite is connected to the X-422. The anemometer is connected to an analog and frequency input to monitor wind direction and speed. The temperature and humidity sensors are connected to two of the analog inputs. The rain bucket is connected to one of the digital I/Os and the UV sensor is connected to an analog input.


Directly Upload Data From Variety of Weather Sensors

The X-422 can be used with a variety of sensors from various manufacturers. The weather data you can monitor includes: wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, UV, solar radiation, and more. The data can be automatically uploaded to third-party sites such as CWOP, Weather Underground, and WeatherBug Backyard. The data is uploaded directly from the X-422, without a dedicated computer.

Built-In Web Server – No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

With the X-422’s built-in web server, you can access the weather data and monitor real-time weather conditions on a mobile phone or by using a web browser. There are no monthly fees, and no software to install!

You can also use our free, CBW-Mobile app to access the X-422 and any other device on one central control panel.