Agricultural Temperature and Humidity Control

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Industrial Ventilation IVI


Idaho, USA


  • Maintain optimal conditions (temperature, humidity, CO2) to enhance shelf life and quality of root vegetables
  • Utilize industrial HVAC systems for precise control, accommodating various storage methods (bulk and crate) to balance speed and volume
  • Implement a control system for automated and manual monitoring, providing end-users with visibility and control over storage conditions


  • Address challenges associated with bulk and crate storage, balancing speed, & volume considerations
  • Mitigate the impact of low humidity on vegetable shrinkage & achieve precise monitoring to prevent weight loss
  • Develop a fully custom, simple, and flexible integration for control hardware to meet the unique needs of Industrial Ventilation, Inc. (IVI)


  • Implement features such as precise humidity and CO2 control, user-defined settings, and multiple timed runs to optimize storage conditions
  • Utilize X-600M as a master controller with various expansion cards (X-12s, X-15s, X-16s, X-417) for monitoring and control
  • Leverage the flexibility of ControlByWeb products for custom software integration, utilizing HTTP GET requests and JSON files for data exchange and achieving a wide variety of solutions


  • Achieved and maintained optimal temperature and humidity levels, preserving freshness, minimizing damage,& ensuring weight retention
  • Implemented the Imperium panel with ControlByWeb products, providing precise control and tools for successful storage management
  • Utilized ControlByWeb IIoT devices with industry-leading reliability, allowing for flexible integration with custom software while maintaining system reliability

System Features

  • Monitor and control relative humidity and the CO2 with precision
  • Multiple timed runs
  • User-defined settings
  • Cooling and heating target set points


ControlByWeb Products Used in Panels

  • X-600M – A master controller capable of monitoring & controlling over 1,000 I/O
  • X-12s – An 8-relay expansion card
  • X-15s – An 8 digital input expansion card
  • X-16s – An 8 analog input expansion card
  • X-417 – An analog output module (3 outputs)


Common hardware integration problems

  • Failure rates - System failure can be catastrophic for the crop, leading to significant financial loss through damage or spoilage
  • Rigidity- Environmental control systems often require custom solutions and retrofits. Cookie-cutter systems simply don't work
  • Complexity - Control hardware can be difficult to get working in unison, creating overly complex integration and resulting in failure


ControlByWebTM solutions

  • Reliability- Our USA-made hardware is carefully engineered and expertly manufactured. We're known for consistent reliability
  • Flexibility - ControlByWeb programmable controllers network, install, and communicate easily in either a master or a node role
  • Simplicity - With multiple, well-understood ways to poll data from our devices, communication becomes simple and integration streamlined