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  • Ensure integrity of the pipeline between facility and client
  • Exchange process data and perform statistical analysis for leak detection


  • Implementing a leak detection system (LDS) for a pipeline between facilities at Air Liquide Al Khafrah with a 10-kilometer distance
  • Need to connect REL Instruments & Atmos LDS to Foxboro I/A DCS


  • Employed Matrikon's OPC Server for connection to Foxboro I/A DCS
  • Ran LDS as a local client alongside the OPC Server on the same Windows 2000 PC


  • Seamless exchange of approximately ten values between LDS and DCS
  • Efficient leak detection, contributing to the overall safety of the facility

Air Liquide's Al Khafrah facility in Saudi Arabia required a leak detection system (LDS) to ensure pipeline integrity. Connecting REL Instruments & Atmos LDS to Foxboro I/A DCS was a challenge. Matrikon's OPC Server was employed to establish this connection, with the LDS running as a local client alongside the OPC Server.

Enhancing the integrity of your pipelines with Matrikon's cutting-edge solutions at Air Liquide's Al Khafrah facility in Saudi Arabia! In response to the critical need for a robust Leak Detection System (LDS), Matrikon stepped up to the challenge, ensuring unparalleled pipeline security and reliability.
The intricate task of seamlessly connecting REL Instruments & Atmos LDS to Foxboro I/A DCS demanded a solution that could bridge the gap between diverse systems. Enter Matrikon's OPC Server, the catalyst for establishing a seamless and efficient connection in this complex environment.

At the heart of this transformative integration is Matrikon's OPC Server, a powerful and versatile tool that serves as the linchpin between REL Instruments & Atmos LDS and the Foxboro I/A DCS. This innovative server acts as the conduit for flawless communication, allowing critical data to flow seamlessly between the leak detection system and the distributed control system.


Matrikon's OPC Server acts as the backbone, ensuring that REL Instruments & Atmos LDS operates seamlessly as a local client alongside the Foxboro I/A DCS.
The result? Unprecedented synchronization and coordination, safeguarding the integrity of Air Liquide's Al Khafrah facility pipelines with utmost precision.
Matrikon's commitment to excellence extends beyond just connectivity. The LDS,functioning as a local client, leverages the OPC Server to harness real-time data, providing a comprehensive and up-to-the-moment overview pipeline conditions. This not only enables rapid response to potential leaks but also empowers proactive maintenance and monitoring, ensuring downtime is minimized, and operations remain uninterrupted.
This solution is not just about connecting systems; it's about fortifying the foundation of your operations. Matrikon's OPC Server seamlessly weaves together REL Instruments & Atmos LDS and Foxboro I/A DCS, creating a synergy that
elevates the efficiency, safety, and overall performance of your pipeline infrastructure.
In an industry where precision is paramount, Matrikon stands out as the trusted partner, offering tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique challenges presented by Air Liquide's Al Khafrah facility.
Embrace the future of pipeline integrity with Matrikon – where innovation meets reliability, and connectivity transforms into a seamless, integrated reality.


Common Problems:

  • Pipeline Integrity: Challenge in connecting REL Instruments & Atmos LDS to Foxboro I/A DCS
  • Seamless Integration: Ensuring efficient leak detection and maintaining pipeline integrity


Matrikon Solutions:

  • Pipeline Integrity: Employed Matrikon's OPC Server to facilitate the connection
  • Seamless Integration: Ran LDS as a local client alongside the OPC Server for smooth exchange of values
OPC Server for Foxboro I/A OPC Server for Foxboro I/A OPC Server for Foxboro I/A