Center pivot irrigation system

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South Idaho Farm


South Idaho, USA


  • Implement a cost-effective smart center pivot solution
  • Maximize yields and monitor water usage in a drought-affected area
  • Provide real-time temperature and humidity data for optimal harvest conditions


  • High costs of hardware & monthly subscription fees
  • Lack of real-time temperature and humidity data for precise harvesting
  • Limited access to affordable agricultural monitoring


  • Utilize ControlByWeb’s X-400 for monitoring & control
  • Replace expensive out-of-the-box solutions with an affordable option
  • Monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, alignment, and water pressure
  • Ensure reliability, flexibility, & scalability with ControlByWeb devices


  • Successful implementation of a cost-effective smart solution
  • Improved yield optimization and water management
  • Enhanced quality control during harvest
  • Empowered farmers to respond to climate and legislative changes

A farm in Southeast Idaho has 26 center pivots irrigating thousands of acres of wheat and alfalfa fields. When they started their search for a smart center pivot solution, they were disappointed to find the steep costs of both hardware and monthly subscription fees.

Luckily for them, a local integration company had both the technical acumen and the grit to find a way around those costly expenses. Having a center pivot controller and monitoring system is a big advantage for the farmer. Not only can he maximize his yields, but he can also closely monitor his water usage in an area hit hard by drought. With increasing state action to manage water, the farmer is more carefully able to comply with local laws, report all water usage, & even apply for tax credits that let him use more of his resources to improve his operations.

Another important advantage for the farmer is the real-time temperature and humidity data. When it comes to harvest time, in particular, humidity is key. If conditions are too dry the product will lack quality, sell for a lower price, and even
become a fire hazard. Too wet, and mold can be a serious problem. The farmer had previously evaluated humidity by looking at the crop and guessing at its moisture content. With center pivot monitoring, he can harvest when conditions are perfect for a valuable crop.

The local tech company is both a communications provider and control systems integrator serving the Intermountain West of the USA. They're uniquely qualified to help farmers in this sparse region remotely monitor and control their equipment. This puts farmers in the driver seat so they can better respond to the changing climate and legislation action.


Common irrigation problems

  • Costly monitoring and control - Most center pivot manufacturers offer comprehensive pivot monitoring & control, but at a steep cost that puts it out of reach for many farmers looking to save costs wherever they can
  • Required cloud expenses - Most center pivot monitoring requires a cloud subscription that adds dramatically to the expense over time and provides few additional benefits outside of remote access
  • Pre packaged inflexibility - Off-the-shelf systems lack the customization needed to control costs by focusing on critical needs

ControlByWebTM solutions

  • Low cost hardware and software - ControlByWeb devices have remote monitoring and control baked into their DNA. They work on any web browser and our mobile app simplifies usability for end-users
  • Cloud optional- Our data acquisition and control modules feature embedded web servers for a stand-alone control system. While the ControlByWeb Cloud enhances capability, it is not required
  • Completely custom solution - With the help of a talented integrator, farmers can create the solution they need to improve their operations