Grain Handling Systems

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Jennen Farm


West Central Minnesota


  • Increase yields, improve efficiency, and reduce costs in grain handling
  • Establish a speed-optimized and automated grain handling facility
  • Enhance safety measures by minimizing human proximity to heavy machinery


  • Time-sensitive nature of grain handling processes
  • Ensuring remote monitoring and control for various equipment
  • Maintaining safety standards while optimizing efficiency


  • Utilize ControlByWeb's X-600M platform for automation and remote control
  • Integrate a range of automated equipment, including IP cameras, conveyor belts, emergency stops, and more, for comprehensive control and monitoring
  • Established a digital presence with real-time data, reducing the need for on-site personnel


  • Enabled remote monitoring and control of critical measurements, grain bin levels, and equipment via the X-600M platform
  • Improved safety by keeping personnel at a safe distance, allowing operations without truck drivers leaving their vehicles
  • Resulted in long-term cost savings and maximized the farm's potential

Farmers throughout the world are learning how modern automation, control, and monitoring systems can increase yields, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.
Tom Jennen of Fergus Falls, MN is one of them. His near 17.5-million-liter grain handling facility features state-of-the-art remote monitoring and controls that improve safety, save valuable time, and decrease labor costs.


For grain handling systems, time is critical. Getting the crop unloaded into the storage bins and loaded onto transport trucks quickly and safely is the name of the game. Tom Jennen, along with his sons Matt and Brent, have turned their grain facility into a speed-optimized pit stop reminiscent of the professional auto Tom has relied on ControlByWeb to make his dreams of an automated, safe, and efficient grain handling facility a reality.

The automated facility is built around the X-600M platform, complete with a dashboard that shows critical measurements and a live camera view. With the CBW Mobile app on their phones, they can load and unload trucks with the push of a button from anywhere on the farm. The detailed measurements, grain bin level sensors, and the two IP cameras give them a digital presence at all times and saves them from hiring an employee to man the station.
Tom's list of automated equipment is impressive. With only a few exceptions, he has remote monitoring and control on nearly everything in his facility:


  • IP cameras
  • Conveyor belts
  • Belt alignment
  • Motor amps
  • Emergency stop
  • Bin level
  • Motion sensors
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Door state


Common grain handling problems

  • Complexity - The farmer needed to implement a control system he could understand and operate without the need of a systems integrator
  • Safety- The farmer needed a solution that improved safety for his family, employees, and the truck drivers that collect the grain
  • Affordability - The farmer needed a solution he could afford with the small margins that come with commodity production


ControlByWebTM solutions

  • Simple systems - Our programmable I/O modules use simple menu systems to build out custom and powerful control logic without code
  • Reliable remote control - Our modules are carefully engineered for consistent, reliable, and independent performance that reduces failures and improves safety
  • Low cost industrials I/O - A big part of our mission is to make very capable industrial I/O that anyone can afford, making good automation more accessible