Hospital Building Automation

Engineering & Marketing International





Lima Memorial Health System


Ohio, USA


  •  Implement a reliable IoT solution for lighting control and building automation
  • Find versatile and cost-effective devices that can be easily programmed and deployed in a large-scale environment
  • Achieve flexibility in monitoring and controlling various systems, including lighting, medical gas, voltage, and generator load shedding


  •  Requirement for a dependable solution for scheduled event lighting changes based on holidays and events
  • Need for flexibility in building automation systems with multiple applications and endpoints
  • Cost control and budget limitations for a not-for-profit healthcare organization


  •  Utilize ControlByWeb controllers, including X-600M, X-410, X-417, X-408, WebRelay, and others, for lighting control and building automation
  • Implement LUA programming language for extreme flexibility and control in task management
  • Use the X-600M as a SCADA system with customized dashboards for monitoring multiple I/O’s


  • Over 360 I/O points successfully implemented, covering generator monitoring, light control, voltage monitoring, medical gas monitoring, & more
  • Dependable scheduled event lighting achieved using ControlByWeb controllers for exterior building lights
  • Flexibility in building automation with 3 separate systems based on the X-600M platform, addressing various applications
  • Improved visibility, troubleshooting, & reliability through remote monitoring and control of multiple endpoints

Flexibility on Display

Brad (Lead Electrician at Lima Memorial Health System) has 3 separate building automation systems in place, all based on the X-600M platform. This module gives him greater programming power and a dashboard that acts as his SCADA


His system consists of the following:


  • Light Monitoring and Control
  • Medical Gas Tank Monitoring
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • Generator Load Shedding
  • Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  • Data Logging


  • X-600M with various I/O cards
  • X-410
  • X-417
  • X-408
  • WebRelay and WebRelay Quad
  • X-332
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors


Common I/O problems

  • Compatibility headeaches - Some devices don't work as well outside of their own ecosystem
  • Too expensive or unreliable - Low cost monitoring and control is often unreliable, costing more to maintain
  • Limited use cases - Devices that are purpose-built often have narrow applications


ControlByWeb solutions

  • Seamless integration - Our modules work just as well in other software as they do using on-board logic
  • Low cost and reliable - Affordability without sacrificing quality, justifying monitoring in more places
  • Limitless potential - Monitor and control anything, anywhere͈ your only limit is your imagination