Multi-Vendor Control Systems Integration

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Petroleum Development Oman




  • Gather and transport data from oil wells and facilities to a Process Historian
  • Achieve genuine interoperability despite diverse communication protocols


  • Integration of various control systems with different communication protocols in PDO's operation
  • Interface over 1,000 Beam Pump wells utilizing Modbus and Baker protocols


  • Chose MatrikonOPC as the vendor for plug and play drivers
  • Utilized OPC Server for Modbus and MatrikonOPC Server for Baker protocols
  • Established a standards-based OPC communication infrastructure


  • Prolonged the life of existing control and communication assets
  • Interfaced devices with multi-vendor client applications seamlessly
  • Gathered data from over 1,000 scattered Beam Pumps
  • Connected 4,000 points with updates every 30 minutes, with plans to increase to 12,000 in the future

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) integrated a communication architecture for real-time data gathering from oil wells and facilities. With diverse control systems and communication protocols, PDO faced the challenge of achieving interoperability. MatrikonOPC was chosen to provide plug and play drivers for seamless integration.

As witnessed in the pioneering initiative by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). Faced with the formidable challenge of harmonizing real-time data gathering from oil wells and facilities, PDO turned to MatrikonOPC to overcome the complexities arising from diverse control systems and communication protocols.

At the heart of this transformative endeavor lies the need for a robust communication architecture, and MatrikonOPC emerged as the catalyst for achieving unparalleled interoperability. In a landscape where disparate systems and protocols can impede seamless data flow, MatrikonOPC provided the plug-and-play drivers that became the linchpin for effortless integration.



Imagine a scenario where oil wells and facilities seamlessly communicate in real-time, transcending the barriers imposed by varied control systems and communication protocols. MatrikonOPC's cutting-edge technology was the enabler, providing a standardized interface that bridges the gaps and facilitates the smooth flow of critical data.

The genius of MatrikonOPC lies in its ability to offer plug-and-play drivers – a dynamic solution that effortlessly adapts to diverse control systems, ensuring that interoperability is not just achieved but maintained with unmatched reliability. As a result, PDO now enjoys a cohesive communication architecture that not only gathers real-time data efficiently but also ensures a future-proof system ready to adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

In an industry where innovation and adaptability are paramount, MatrikonOPC stands out as the trusted partner. Our solution for PDO is a testament to our commitment to overcoming challenges and redefining the benchmarks for seamless integration in the petroleum sector.

Embrace the future of oil well and facility data gathering with MatrikonOPC – where interoperability is not just a goal but a realized achievement, and the plug-and-play simplicity becomes the hallmark of your operational excellence. Trust us to transform your petroleum operations into a synchronized, efficient, and seamlessly integrated ecosystem.


Common Problems:

  • Diverse Communication Protocols: Integrating various control systems with different communication protocols
  • Cost-Effective Integration: Achieving interoperability without incurring significant development costs


Matrikon Solutions:

  • Diverse Communication Protocols: Chose MatrikonOPC to interface devices with different protocols, ensuring genuine interoperability
  • Cost-Effective Integration: Utilized MatrikonOPC's plug and play drivers for a cost-effective solution in integrating control systems